Wiki & Forum Text Formatting
Text Formatting in Chat

Click here for text formatting options you have in dice room chats: Chat Commands

Text Codes

There is a number of special formatting codes that you can use to give your forum and wiki posts special functionality and optics. They all have to be embedded into square brackets and consist of one or more command words and options.

  • quoting: [quote]TEXT[/quote] makes TEXT appear in quotation
  • strike-through: [s]TEXT[/s] makes TEXT appear in strike-through style
  • bold: [b]TEXT[/b] means TEXT appears in bold
  • color: [color green]TEXT[/color] means TEXT appears in color. See here for a list of supported colors: opt
  • horizontal divider: [hr] inserts a horizontal bar
  • title: [title THE TITLE] designates THE TITLE as the title of the current wiki page
  • insert dice roll: [roll CODE] inserts and executes the dice code CODE in the forum post or wiki page. To keep a once-rolled result, the [roll] code is then converted into a roll reference called [ref].
Line Formatting
  • unordered lists: prefix a line with a - (minus sign) to make it an item in an unordered list
  • ordered lists: prefix a line with a * (star) to make it an item in a numbered list
  • heading titles: prefix a line with an = (equals) to create a level 1 heading, use two == for a level 2 heading and so on.
Linking to Things

There are several way of linking to resources from a forum post or wiki page:

  • plain URLs: paste a normal URL into your text, it will be linkified automatically, like so:
  • images: if you paste the URL of an image, Rolz will attempt to recognize it and display the image instead of just the text link
  • youtube videos: paste the URL of a Youtube video in order to embed it into the page
  • wiki pages: use the code [wiki TESTPAGE] to link to a wiki page, in this case the link goes to a page called TESTPAGE. If the page does not exist in your wiki, an empty one will be created.
  • forum threads: this one is a bit tricky, but if you know the ID of a forum thread, you can post a link to it with the [post ID] code, where ID is the post ID.