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Created: 05. Sep 2015 01:46

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Suggestion: directory of rooms

playtester · 23. May 2016 22:17 by playtester · 3

Directory with registered rooms that were crowded. Sure, if owner wanted it, enable some settings like "show room in directory".


Suggestion: feature - designate mods

playtester · 23. May 2016 22:19 by playtester · 4

I dont know if is possible a room owner to designate mods, but would be big help to care rooms, letting the owner less busy, if were necessary to be absent.

Mods to kick, ban, silence possible troublemakers.


Suggestion: card game player

playtester · 16. Apr 2016 05:39 · 0

Could implement a card game system to ? Using attributes values (like HP, MP, EXP, etc.). No being needed cards with pics (although this could greatly help to make the game most intuitive with graphic interface), just data like "Name of Card", "Description".