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Karma: 4

Created: 07. Feb 2017 18:10

Role: user

Let the Die(s) Decide your fate... Get a 1? Hope the dungeon master likes you. Get a 20. Prepare for Glory. You cannot take back what you have done make a choice you can't turn back without a conscience. Why do you try when you need a 20 anything else will kill you? Because you love a challenge you can't live without death. You can't win if you can't lose everything need's an opposite. You can't live a great life without great challenges. Why do we try because we like to explore the possibilities in life. If we hadn't we would all be living in israel with spud and bread tax. You must face fear in the eyes you can't expect to live without challenges. If we had no bad there would be no good you must excepted your fate and try to make it good. You must try to win. You must try to gain. You must Try...

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