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Created: 15. Jun 2016 23:03

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Hi, I am Ekin, a Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. If you're interested in classic D&D, I am your guy. I love the old-school d&d experience and game. If you are into the real gritty stuff in tabletop role-playing games, and love the idea of escapism into other worlds of sword and sorcery, then you know where to find me (Here on ROLZ or my discord posts in the Tavern’s “Looking for Groups” forum).

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Nostwind Adventures

Ekin · Apr 29th 17:41 · 0

Greetings everyone,

I have decided to create a blog for the Nostwind journey. There is nothing much as of now for it is only the beginning, but stay tuned if you desire to hear of a storyteller's tales in which worlds sword & sorcery exists.

Thank you for your time. May your road to adventure go ever on, under cloud and under star.


An attempt to introduce my fantasy gaming aesthetics.

Ekin · Apr 13th 23:49 by Ekin · 3

I am not new to rolz, but I may not be known to the most of you.

This is my attempt at summing up my fantasy aesthetics.

I tell darker stories of worlds of sword & sorcery and realistic medieval fantasy (dark ages, gothic, pagan, etc.), mostly inspired by my own nostalgia about places, people, and events of my past, forever lost...

My purest games entirely under my own aesthetics are very atmospheric with Pagan, Gothic, and Folk influences.

I am also partly inspired by books (Such as "The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings", "The Silmarillion", etc.) old fantasy movies ("Dark Crystal", "Willow", "Conan the Barbarian", etc), and role-playing games from my childhood (Real life medieval fantasy, tabletop: Pictorial Dungeons (Old Ekiron), Wars of Paper Kingdoms, Bonds of War, etc., or video games: Old-School Runescape, Zelda, Realm of the Mad God, Forgotten Tales, Banner Saga, etc.).

If you like stories of greater meaning, worth, and struggle, then we both have something in common. In my purest games, it is all about the heroes journey in my eyes and preferably in the eyes of my players. They are never silly. They are always idiosyncratic. When I tell stories, my wish is to entrance and guide my players through mystical journeys to worlds unlike ours of stranger times. Journeys so memorable to the soul that it burns hot in the heart forever, only to be forgotten as stories of the past but kept in the most sacred of places: in the hearts and passed on tales of us mortals.

The greatest themes you will notice from me are of individual struggle, romance, and horror.

Join my personal discord server @


Looking for some cool people!

Ekin · Aug 19th 21:44 by ninaa · 12

Hey! I am looking to meet some cool new people and am also hoping to maybe to even get involved in some d&d games. More importantly, looking to make some new friends! :D