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Created: 29. Sep 2017 05:04

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I am a DM currently running Pathfinder campaigns. I enjoy introducing new players to roleplaying games and the d20 system, so my play style is often very relaxed and rules-lite. I'm a firm advocate of rule zero and, as a result, powergamers and rules lawyers don't always enjoy my games.

I'm currently developing a homebrew campaign setting titled the Mithril Throne, which is a high magic fantasy setting. All of my campaigns are set there, and I've even developed a very open ended "tavern" where people can do more "chat-room" style roleplay and I just throw in throw in NPCs and the occasional encounter. HMU for details if you're interested in playing, even completely new players are welcome.

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Appropriate place to share Adventure Logs?

Demosthenese · 01. Nov 2017 07:11 by Demosthenese · 0

Just wondering if I could/should share my campaign's adventure logs in a thread under Roleplaying? Playing with only one PC atm, and thought it might help bring some attention to our game in the hopes of finding another couple suitable players in the future. Just don't want to clutter the forum with unwanted threads.

Thanks! Love the site, look forward to being able to contribute.