How To Roll
Rolling in Dice Rooms

You can roll in dice rooms but entering the rolling prefix # (or -) followed by the dice code. Hit enter to execute the roll:

Another method of rolling in dice rooms is embedding the dice codes into the normal text you're sending. For example, the following line will roll a d20 attack first, and then a d12+10 for the damage:

Rolling in Forum Posts and Wiki Pages

To roll inside a forum post or wiki page, enclose the dice code in square brackets and prefix it with the word "roll". For example, including the following code in a forum post will trigger 4d6 to get rolled:

  • [roll 4d6]
Using Values from Wiki Pages in Chat Rolls

You can declare numeric values in wiki pages and pull those values in for die rolls - this is useful for example if you have a wiki page with your character stats. Declare value in wiki pages by simply giving a variable name, followed by a colon, followed by a value, like this:

STR: 10

^ this declares a STR attribute of 10. Then, when you make a roll, you can pull in that value. In the dice code, put in the name of the wiki page (which cannot have spaces) followed by a dot, followed by the name of the attribute: