Random names:

Use gen name (template), where (template) is the style of name you want to create. Supported templates are: archaic, byname, default, dorf, elf, fantasy, highgothic, lowgothic, primitive, rome, star, troll, wh. You can also chain several templates together by separating them with a space in between.

Random magical tomes:
Random tavern names:
Random insanity:
Random (medieval) NPC:
D20/Pathfinder/Dungeons&Dragons Attributes:

Use gen d20 to generate a set of D20 attributes. For each attribute, the formula 4D6H is used (drop the lowest d6). If one or more attributes should receive the highest-rolled values, just list them after the command. For example, this gives the highest priority to strength and constitution:

Warhammer Characters:

Use "#gen wh" to generate a basic Warhammer Fantasy character. You may optionally give the race - if not, one will be randomly selected from elf, dwarf, halfling, or human. For example, this generates a basic dwarf:

Dark Heresy /WH40K Characters:

Use "#gen dh" to generate a basic Dark Heresy character. There are many generation options for careers and advancement, refer to the generator's help page for more information: #gen dh help.

For example, this generates a basic psyker with 5000 XP: