Dice Rooms
What's a Dice Room?

It's a special chat room designed to support pen&paper roleplaying online, in groups. Here you can have a joined session with your other players.

Logging In

Choose a nickname for yourself and enter the name of the room you want to play in. If there is no room with that name, a new one will be created. Give this room name out to the other players so they can join you in there. Rooms are not password protected, but their names are not listed publicly, either.

Do I need to register?

You don't need to register an account in order to use the dice rooms. However, for advanced features like the forum, you do need to make an account with a password.

Click here to make an account:

Changing your nick while in a room

Use the command "/nick NAME" where NAME is your name. If you have a rolz account, you need to put your password after your NAME: "/nick NAME PASSWORD" to log in. More chat commands can be found here: Chat Commands

How to Create a New Dice Room

You don't need to do anything special to add a nice dice room. Enter the name of the room you want to create and it'll take you there. While in a dice room, you can also use the /join ROOMNAME command to get to an arbitrarily named new room. A dice room starts existing when someone posts a chat message to it.

Room Admin Functions

Forcing Nicknames

If you are the owner of a room, you can disallow anonymous access (Alrics) and force people to identify with a nickname by using the /room names=on command.

Caveats: Note that this doesn't mean people have to register in order to access the room - it just incentivizes them to give a nickname before joining. Turning this option on won't force existing anonymous users out of the room, nor will it prevent people named AlricXYZ from using the /join command to enter your room.

Preventing Duplicates

You can stop users from posting duplicate chat lines by using the /room norepeat=on command.

Password Protection

To give the room a password, use the "/room password=PWD" command (without the quotes) where PWD is your password. For example, "/room password=letmein" would set the room's password to "letmein". Passwords may not contain spaces. You can change this password at any time. To remove the password altogether, type /room password=-

To join a password-protected room, players must enter the password when using the /join command like this: "/join YOURROOM password=PWD" - where YOURROOM is your room name and PWD is the password. The room's owner can join without entering the password.

Claiming Ownership

Rooms are owned by whoever created them. However, in some cases, where no creator has been registered for a room, you can claim it with the following command:

"/room claim"

Whitelisting Users

If you want your room to be only accessible by a certain group of users, you can define a whitelist of allowed nicknames, separated by commas:

"/room whitelist=udo,bob,alice,jane"

Closing/Deleting a Room

The equivalent of deleting a room on Rolz is closing it. If you are the room's owner, you can close your room with the "/room close" command. Beyond that point, nobody will be able to post to the room anymore or join it. If you change your mind, use the "/room open" command to re-open your room.