Chat Commands

The Dice Room chat works like any other chat room. It features special commands that start with a / (slash), and it facilitates dice rolls using the prefix # (number sign), or - (minus), or inline codes within [ ] (square brackets).

Chat Examples
Chat Commands
  • /clear - clears your chat window
  • /ignore NICK - ignore/stop ignoring user NICK
  • /join ROOM - go to a room named ROOM
  • /me TEXT - emote some text
  • /nick NAME - change nick to NAME
  • /nick NAME PASSWORD - log in as NAME with PASSWORD
  • /ooc TEXT - say TEXT out of character
  • /opt - view or set user options
  • /pm NICK TEXT - send a private message TEXT to NICK (not logged)
  • /register NAME PASSWORD - register your nickname with a password
  • /room - set/review admin options for Dice Rooms
  • /search TERM - search for TERM in the logs
  • /say NAME TEXT - say TEXT in the name of NAME
  • /self CODE - perform roll for yourself (not logged)
  • /topic TEXT - set the room's subject/motto
  • /who - show who's in the room
  • /kick NICK - remove a user from the room