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Inexperienced looking for fun group

seventeenowls · Apr 01st 17:15 by miza · 18

Hey guys I love the idea of dnd but I've never played before. I'm looking to host one with a few mates but I'd like an informal fun chill session with some fun people for level one? I need help making character and a DM but I would love to play!

Anybody want to play?

1 · by EliteBladezz · 19. May 2016 17:23 · changed: 19. May 2016 17:23

I'd be happy to help you out! The only problem is most of my stuff is house rules. Of course, i can play with the set rules as well, but house ruling is just more fun for me. If you're still interested, I'd be glad to help.

edit: I play/have books for 4e DnD

1 · by vodkara · Feb 15th 10:25

can i join? im just new tho.

1 · by JasonThunderClaw · Feb 16th 01:11

New here too. Count me in!

1 · by superwolfgaming · Feb 17th 19:18


1 · by superwolfgaming · Feb 17th 19:19

i am new made 3 minutes ago lol

1 · by AphelionRose · Feb 17th 21:31

I would love to play, I've never played online before!!

1 · by Unicorn666 · Feb 18th 12:02

It would be lovely if I could join as well! I am kind of new too, but I am already excited to play!

1 · by hudei · Feb 18th 20:57

Hey I'm new here too , but I'd like to join you guys

1 · by DiceRollKing · Mar 02nd 03:21

Let me join in!

1 · by dungeonmasterdawson · Mar 09th 16:25

it would be wonderful to play

1 · by AntonySapien · Mar 10th 21:47

id love to join if able

1 · by JustinZan · Mar 11th 07:17

I am also new to this and have yet to enter a session I made a character (took a long while to figure it all out) thanks to the internet helping me Level 1 warlock half elf (Bryn Wicks) I could use a little help with finishing a few things I have his bond flaw and what not completed (I rolled to figure out what I'd get) but still I need a few details to be finished, I'd appreciate any help and would love to join a session

1 · by Speze · Mar 19th 00:45

Im also new hete, count me in

1 · by JusticeGiver · Mar 19th 18:08


1 · by ipsyfider · Mar 25th 00:43

I want to play.

1 · by Oznerol · Mar 26th 14:36

I'm also a newbie. I played a couple of campaigns and I wanna get hook.

Can I join?

1 · by Chardinal · Mar 27th 20:26

I'm new too and I'd like to join. 😺

1 · by miza · Apr 01st 17:15

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