Tavern - LF Casual Pathfinder group + DM


LF Casual Pathfinder group + DM

MrBoltstrike · Feb 13th 16:09 by SilentWrangler · 5

Just looking to play a few runs of pathfinder with good people. Casual play schedules would be great; I personally got a new job with sporadic times.

Willing to play Rogue or physical damage dealer.

I'm familiar with pen and paper games but have not learned all of the specifics of Pathfinder. I'm no stranger to roleplay and enjoy good character interaction.

Sadly, I can't DM yet. I know the basics but I'm still too much of a stickler for details and want everything to be absolutely perfect.

1 · by Edvardio · 11. May 2016 17:26

I can DM

1 · by Hogwalup · 15. Dec 2016 04:32

I Could help you aswell.

1 · by Xander · 20. Dec 2016 20:48

Hey I'm new to D&D is this a good room to learn the basics.

1 · by LordSlong · Feb 13th 00:48

I'm intersted

1 · by SilentWrangler · Feb 13th 16:09

I'd like to jump in, provided I can be online at the same time as everyone

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