Tavern - "Secretly" fudged rolls as DM


"Secretly" fudged rolls as DM

Erzaehler · May 10th 15:01 by udo · 1

I wish to be able to fudge rolls without my Chat showing that I just fudged the roll.

In the help for fudge rolls it states "If you want dice to have values from -X to +X, use "U" instead of "D" in the dice code, followed by X. Example: #4U1

This works but Shows up clearly in the Chat log. I would like my Group not to see that. Is there a way to pose my fudge roll as a regular roll?

Thanks for your Input!"

1 · by udo · May 10th 15:01

No, I'm not going to support that, that just seems like a huge source of trouble and players will end up complaining to me about it. Also, Rolz doesn't distinguish between players and GMs, so everybody would be able to fudge, eliminating the need for a dice roller entirely.

As the GM you could always just decide what happens, you don't need to fudge any rolls. Just tell them "Once or twice per session I'll just get you intro trouble arbitrarily to challenge you a little bit more." There are rule systems that have this baked in, for example Numenera calls this "GM Intrusions", and there is a mechanic for it.