saved shortcuts.

Rouge · May 16th 15:52 by Hotox · 7

can you save more than 6 shortcuts in and room? i entered 11 came back and only 6 were left. is there a way to increase this?

1 · by Banshees · Apr 19th 15:22

I'm having the same issue. I see you posted your question a week ago. Did you find and answer elsewhere?

1 · by Sparrow · Apr 22nd 21:19

Likewise, created 15 shortcuts. when i came back all 15 buttons were there but only the first 6 were saved correctly.

1 · by Banshees · Apr 25th 02:55

IF by chance you find an answer please come back here and post. Love the site, but this issue has been a little frustrating

1 · by Abalone · Apr 25th 08:16

same here. So I tried macros, which are as good as shortcuts, but can be saved properly!

1 · by Rouge · Apr 27th 01:25 · changed: Apr 27th 02:03

ok ill try the macros.


so i made the macros. yes it saved all the macros successfully. it still only saves the first 6 in your shortcuts, but then what i am able to do is call up my /macro list and cut and paste the ones into my shortcuts lists relatively quickly plus i dont forget any that way. hope this helps

3 · by udo · May 16th 13:47

The shortcut issue should be fixed now.

1 · by Hotox · May 16th 15:52

It does work, thanks so much!

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