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I've made a very simplistic DOOM inspired D&D--type game, wondering if anyone would bother to try it out with me here, where I will DM and try to work with anyone interested to step into the mighty boots of the DOOMSLAYER for a simple test-run.

Here is a link to my "Guidebook" (Made in Google Slides w/ pictures and a Map for simplicity--it is WIP at this time and I can explain further later).

I am in the LA timezone, and active normally around 7pm-3am (LA Zone) or possibly other times, we'll just have to see.

If you didn't click on the link, here is the introductory paragraph to give you a sense of this adventure; "In time, they will learn to fear you. To fear us. The SLAYERS are mighty, as they always have been. But now, we will become greater than ever before. DEMONS have invaded the likes of Mars and Earth, attempting to cull the human race in order to farm their souls to create powerful wells of Argent Energy to create an even vaster source of Hellspawn before they move to the next species to wreak havoc upon. Be their SHIELD. Be their SWORD. Be their MIGHT and be their WILL. Do not stop. Do not yield. Do not show mercy. RIP AND TEAR, until it is all done and the soils of war are seeped deep with the blood of the Hellspawn. Be their DOOM."

E1M1 intensifies

Use this video to get a feel for the Mood: