Tavern - Old fashioned Dungeon crawl anyone?


Old fashioned Dungeon crawl anyone?

Valdus · Apr 21st 23:03 by Strangeesophia · 6

Upon discussing, I would like to DM an old fashioned dungeon crawl. System to be decided but will be bare-bones (Risus, world of dungeons or other one-page system)

Inquire below or if you prefer a dice room:

1 · by Valdus · Apr 03rd 16:12

I am thinking of using this system, but other suggestions are welcome

1 · by jeffg · Apr 03rd 19:44

Sounds fun. I’m laid up with some sickness going on 4-days now. How soon are you starting the games?

1 · by Valdus · Apr 03rd 20:11 · changed: Apr 03rd 20:13

Well just me and you. And Im not thinking of doing it either sporadic chat or as pbp. Im a full time tired daddy, so getting together with someone on a computer is damn near impossible.

But feel free to post in the specific forum or join the chat room

Ill be in and out.

1 · by Ragnor · Apr 08th 08:15

? What day

1 · by Valdus · Apr 10th 15:17

I was thinking of no set time, we just either play in forums in chat, come in, post, go out. I am full time tired daddy so really dont have a chat time available.

1 · by Strangeesophia · Apr 21st 23:03

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