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Looking to join a D&D group

MarianneLegan · 08. May 2019 22:23 by AragonMoonwhisper · 8

Hi! I'm looking to join a D&D group on here. I'm pretty flexible on what I play - I've only ever DM'ed, and I really want to play as a player character, but I just moved to the country and I can't manage to get any friends out. I generally play 5e but I'm a fast learner!

Thank you!

1 · by AndersStormreaver · 08. Jan 2019 16:31

Hey! I have the reversed problem and I'd like to try to dm. Would you be interested to join my room?

1 · by King-Hrolf-III · 09. Jan 2019 23:36

I would be interested, but I cannot play much as I am very busy, and I do not know how to play (technically) and all I have done is improvised with my friends, but I am also a very fast learner.

1 · by Irachaz · 10. Jan 2019 19:08

im interested in joining a dungeons and dragons group.

1 · by rayonnera · 14. Jan 2019 23:05

I'd be interested in joining as another player! I've played 5e, but not online before.

1 · by MaesterSebastian92 · 22. Jan 2019 09:49

Im hosting a game if your interested still

1 · by FinWolfe · 23. Jan 2019 04:36

Hey there, totally would enjoy playing. I haven't used this service before, so I might not be as quick with the dice commands, but if you can be patient, I'd love and adventure. I also have no idea how to DM.

2 · by Glap852 · 23. Jan 2019 07:21

I’d be interested in joining one of your guys games. I’m new though so you would need a little bit of patience to teach me what to do.

1 · by AragonMoonwhisper · 08. May 2019 22:23

I've been playing for about 2 years and I'm up to play online.

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