Yllusyra N'yota

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[color=purple] Yllusyra N'yota

Basic Stats

Strength {16}

Dexterity {19}

Constitution {14}

Intelligence {16}

Wisdom {17}

Charisma {20}


"Under The Sun" You gain an innate bonus to any situation that does not have direct sunlight, you also immediately gain advantage(roll twice take higher number) for damage in situations, also you can natural empathy and telepathy.

She is the Princess to her Elven tribe. She is one of two to have ever left; once she uses her bow, it is immediately known whom she is from lore. She has two identical upper arm tattoos that have the half-eclipsed sun symbol of her tribe centered within.


1.] Heirloom; Sherwood Longbow of Moonlight, whenever it is nighttime you do 10d8 bonus damage to anything you shoot with your bow, Quiver of infinity (infinite arrows made of moonlight)

2.] Mythril undergarments of extra protection {entire set}

3.] Ring of Telekenises

4.] Large Satchel


Owl-Bear Cub/Pup

"Nysi on a hunt, killed the mother of the pup. Based upon her beliefs that no child should be raised without a mother to struggle on it's own - she took it and has nurtured a bond."

Character Sheet: