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Looking for your best DnD stories!!!

Thatguy123 · 04. Sep 2018 00:43 by VeryFuzzyZweilous · 4

I'm looking for more things to do wit my party during our game. Tell me some stories to get the mental juices flowing: memorable stories, funny stories, just memorable reasons you love DnD!! I play 5e By the way. So if I don't understand all of the references from previous editions, please forgive me!!

2 · by ElvenMonk97 · 06. Aug 2018 07:57 · changed: 06. Aug 2018 08:01

One time I was playing in a homebrew adventure set in this massive city corrupted by the Shadowfell. We were using characters that we had already had for about two whole years; it was like 18th level. So we were starting a rebellion to overthrow the evil ruler and take back the city. We had just killed one of the corrupted nobles, but couldn't get out in time to escape capture. The party had a rogue, sorcerer, bard, monk, and paladin. We lost our items and got locked up. Sorcerer had found a rock and cast Creation and shaped some stone into a crude lockpick long enough for the rogue to break them out. We stole our stuff back and ran.

Of course, we didn't get away without trouble. A team of ten elite half-dragon guards came after us and nearly took us out. Thanks to the bard's Earthquake, the roof started falling in. And paladins will be paladins, so our knight in shining armor, at 7 hit points, held the beams up long enough to free the other players, before dropping them to go back and face the stronghold's forces. About a minute later, the entire building collapsed, killing almost everyone inside. The player passed a note to the DM.

After we checked the building, we found our paladin's sword stuck in the floor straight up, and at this point the player pretty much knew his paladin was dead. The sword had three words engraved on it, very hastily and likely with some other weapon. Those three words were "Finish the fight." With the implications clear, we looked around more, eventually finding his corpse. We all just sat there for a few minutes, dead silent.

2 years, that character had lived. 2 years of memories, of fights and interaction. Exhilarating successes and impassable failures. Funny interactions and grim quests. He wasn't even a real person, but our grieving was anything but fake. 2 entire years of laughter, crying, and experience, down the drain. Never to be seen again.

Fast forward to ten sessions later, the final battle against the shadow-touched ruler. We were miles away, in the frigid desolate mountains that served as the king's true home. None of us could've been above maybe 10 hit points, about to be killed by a wave of necrotic energy. Suddenly, just before the dictator's turn started, a dirty longsword sprouted from his chest, a sword with three roughly carved words along the blade. As it's pulled out and the king falls down in death, the proud, stoic face of our former party member looked down at our party, his skin paled and scarred as if he had been raised by some divine force of vengeance. He smiled.

"I told you to finish the fight, didn't I?" He said, before looking to the sky and disintegrating into golden light. The player who played the paladin started sobbing tears of joy, the first time anyone had ever cried during a session.

The paladin coming back as a revenant to save our lives a second time is still the most memorable moment I've ever had in D&D.

1 · by OldKingCole · 17. Aug 2018 23:12

I was DM'ing in this campaign where they were dangling in a cage above a massive cave-room with bleachers full of spectators and a giant symbol of Vecna plastered on the floor directly beneath them. The doors opposite of them opened, revealing a Beholder. "I am your master, the incarnation of VECNA!" he continues... "I am the most powerfu-" Before he can finish the thought, the cleric has an idea. The doors then abruptly slam in the beholder's face. He'd cast Thaumaturgy.

The beholder opened the doors again, veins bulging in anger. The door shuts in his face again. He opens the door again and shouts, "WHO DID THA-" and yet again the door closes. They could almost hear a POP! when the Beholder went ham on the door... and the room behind it.

He started firing disintegration rays every which way, killing a few people in the bleachers... and releasing the trapped players. He opens the door again and cries, "HAHAHA! Joke's on y-" The door closes again. Oh shit. Now he's mad.

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 24. Aug 2018 02:57

I'm playing my first ever character, a wood elf rogue named aldruin. This was a two-person campaign, starting at level 1. The DM wasn't the kindest, and so my first fight was against a pack of wolves, led by a dire wolf. The paladin was doing well, for the most part, but I took a 4 damage crit, which the dm said doubled the damage.

I only have 1 hitpoint left, hiding in a tree, when an idea hits me. I climb back down, since the wolves lost interest, and start carving into the carcass of a slain wolf. Once I have a sizeable chunk, I use the blood from my own wounds to coat it in "human scent". I passed the survival check to make the bait.

That's when I started to dislike the DM. He made me do a strength check to throw the bait, on which I got a Nat 1

The bait landed next to my feet, and since the bait worked, I now had 2 wolves and a dire wolf chasing me back into the nearby village. Unfortunately, because I had "disturbed the peace", I had to smooth-talk my way out of jail. I'll let you guess how that ended.

1 · by VeryFuzzyZweilous · 04. Sep 2018 00:43

Always, always have interesting pets. In my group's party we have a pet hydra, though a pet manticore or chimera would probably be just as interesting. There is nothing more fun than having monsters for pets.

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