Template Question

IRTehBoink · 17. Jul 2018 15:01 · 0

I'm planning on running a small game in a system that isn't supported by the available templates (Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls) This doesn't pose a huge issue as a lot of the stuff will be handled by a custom app on my end, but there are a couple things I'm curious about. First, is it possible to create new templates on the user-end to support new games?

Second question (related to rulling) - Is there any to expand functionality - T&T uses a couple specific "exploding dice" type mechanics (Doubles add and re-roll and Triples add and re-roll) It looks like the exploding dice function would handle TARO, but it does not appear that it would support re-rolling doubles (I've not been here long, I may have missed something)

The site, incidentally, looks great. Thanks for making this a thing!