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Many generations ago, a mysterious tower appeared which soared into the sky, above the clouds. This tower would come to be named The Spire by those who discovered it. While exploring The Spire, it was discovered that there was an expansive Dungeon below it. While most would expect this Dungeon to be an opening into a possible hell, it was, in fact, much more of a living being than anything else. Rather than leaving the Dungeon and traversing across the lands, the creatures living within the dungeon seemed more than content in making the Dungeon their home. Instead of breeding like most other creatures do, the creatures within the Dungeon seemed to materialize out of the Dungeon itself. It was also discovered that, when the creatures were defeated, their bodies burst into dust, leaving behind crystals that were referred to as cores. After many years of experimentation, these cores were discovered to be able to be converted into almost any magical item given enough of them as well as time and effort. In order to not cause a great commotion to collect these cores, this discovery was kept a closely guarded secret until a city was constructed around The Spire and a system of checks and measures was put in place. This city would come to be named Asterism, and would quickly grow in size thanks to the promise of power and riches from the leaders of the organization in charge of the exploration.

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Rather than leaving it to the adventurers to find parties for themselves and to mostly fend for themselves, Asterism also instituted a system of Familia within the city. There was no limit to the number of adventurers a Familia could have, rather they were only limited by the amount of living space which they had. There were a handful of very well known and powerful Familia residing within Asterism. The Familia of Ravenguard, Lurne, and Rottstein were three of the most well known and powerful Familias within Asterism. Each of these Familia had dozens of adventurers residing within them, have access to better equipment than any other Familia, and have reached further into the Dungeon than any other Familia have gotten anywhere close to.

Our story centers around one of the newest Familia to join the guild apply named the Novum Sanguis Familia. This small Familia only has three current members excluding the Familia head, Marlurreen Lighthelm, a beautiful young woman with high hopes and dreams of where this new adventure will take her and her new comrades. Will her new comrades work together to achieve a common goal or will they end up endangering each other when in the presence of the Dungeon's dangers?

Our new adventurers, brought here for the promise of strength, riches, or a personal reason known only to them, would find themselves in the bustling Guild hall. This building was almost constantly filled with other adventurers, Familia heads, and employees, all conducting their business as usual each day. You are each being escorted by a Guild employee to a meeting room for new Familia. Are you nervous, excited, indifferent to meeting the people who you will be spending the majority of your time with in this new city? What adventures and dangers will you face in the near and distant future? We shall find out!

(I'll let you know what order you enter the room. Please give me a description of your character and why you would have come to Asterism.)

1d4 = 4(4)

Akhev, as the door to the room is opened in front of you, you are greeted by the sight of what seems to be a fairly basic meeting room. It has a large, circular table in the middle, surrounded by basic wooden chairs. If you were to look to the right side of the table, you would notice a slender figured individual sitting at the table with their feet up on it, leaning back in their chair. The cloak they wore was up, covering their eyes, allowing for you to only be able to see the lower half of their slender face. You could only assume that they had gotten here early and had fallen asleep waiting for everyone else. Will you greet your new, possible family member?

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Akhev was a slender man and by no means tall or intimidating. He had light brown hair at medium length, slightly wavy as it kind of curled as it went down the sides and back of his head; his green eyes were quite piercing and would take a calculated look around the room, seeing there weren't any other dangers, decides to open his satchel's flap. The rest of his face would be covered with a well-kept goatee, same color as his hair, and a slight scar on his left cheek. "This looks it's the room, come forth Lint. It's safe here and it looks like we have our first, as they call it, 'Familia' member snoozing at the head of the table. Not a great first impression." He would say as then one could hear the chirp of a ferret reply to him as a little creature's head would pop forth, yawn and then climb up his shoulders to then sniff the air and coo happily as it makes itself into a scarf about his neck.

The rest of his clothes would be expected of someone who was either a scholar or mage perhaps; donning a long, forest green robe with some gold-trim lined in it's seams with numerous pockets would distract from his plain brown backpack. His satchel was adorned with a few inscriptions of draconic phrases, if any were to know the language, otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. He wore dark brown gloves over his hands, giving him a rather earthy look to others at first glance and his leather boots to match them as well. He moved over to the opposite side of the circular table and would take his seat. "Well, we can't have them sleeping all day...Lint, why don't you wake our new friend up and get us acquainted hmm?" He laughed a bit as his ferret Familiar would nod with a chirp and cross over to the table and poke his little paws at the sleeping person's legs.

He didn't come all this way to become a powerful mage, one who's creations would be the talk of centuries, to be stalled in his venture by a sleeping teammate. He had no time for such trivial things though such instances did provide him some opportunities to play some harmless pranks on them. He may be a serious wizard but he still liked to have a bit of fun.

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"I heard you coming from down the hall, and I wasn't sleeping, just resting the eyes for a minute while waiting for everyone else to show up."

The individual would say in a womanly tone of voice as she pulled the hood back from over her face, revealing that of a younger looking Half-elf female. She had dark grey hair, blue eyes, and the typical ears with a slight point at the top that all half breeds of her kind had. She would move her feet a bit over to the right as to get a better look at the individual now joining her in the still very empty feeling room.

"So, what brings you to Asterism and the Dungeon, teach? You definitely don't seem like the type to willingly enter a place filled with as much danger as that place. Oh, and I'm Marta, Marta Brunelle."

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The little ferret stops and slides a bit on the table from the smooth surface as the woman starts to speak, scaring him. He chirps and then quickly dashes back to his master and hides into the satchel with a worried coo noise. Akhev chuckles a bit as he reaches in to pet and calm his little friend and then turns his attention to the other person. "Looks like we were on the wrong end of a harmless prank this time buddy, hehe." He calmed himself and then looked at her with a serious look; the kind that shows he speaks matter of fact, from the heart.

"Good to meet you miss Marta Brunelle. If you would like to know, my name is Akhev Jonbal; a wizard in his starting years of his career and I am by no means a teacher of any kind...not yet I suppose." He scratches his beard with his hand as he sits upright a bit more. "I am here for both locations by the same quest, a personal one; to become a powerful and rich wizard who becomes renowned for his magical creations. I aim to make some of the most powerful items this world has ever contend with those of the ancients. My ambition is high but I am by no means impractical; journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that step for me, is joining a Familia. Which I presume you are the head of, am I correct?"

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"You are incorrect in that assumption. I am simply here for the more easily obtainable riches as well as to test my own abilities in the Dungeon. I'd much rather be able to go into the Dungeon for a few hours or days and then come back to a warm bed and good food than to have to travel all around creation to accomplish a single goal."

Marta would adjust herself a bit in her chair to get more comfortable.

"I don't mean anything against your abilities, but I sure hope we get someone a bit more physically capable to go with us. I'm not sure how far we could get with just the two of us and your rodent friend there."

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"I see, so just a more basic goal in mind than my own...typical I guess for a place such as this. Perhaps the head of this Familia will have a greater purpose or idea in mind to enlighten things maybe." He would say as he would lean back into his chair an pull out a journal from his backpack as well as an Inkpen and vial with which to write with.

"You would also be mistaken in your assessment as well; he isn't a member of the Rodentia species, he is of the Mustelidae. I could perhaps understand the confusion for those less schooled than myself, though Lint doesn't like it when people call him a rodent." As he says that, the little ferret pops out of his home and makes a hiss sound, then sticking out his tongue as well. "Now, you said your name was Marta Brunelle yes? If I may inquire, what is your profession and skill-set? I like to keep detailed notes on those I work with, for posterity sake should the worst befall any of us and for proprietary sake in case we end up becoming famous."

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"You're lucky that these rooms are as foolproof as they say they are. They constructed them to be able to be completely soundproof from the outside, so you'd have to have the door open in order to actually hear what is being discussed. The only reason why I was able to hear you coming from down the hall was because the door wasn't closed all the way since I was the only person in here. If you must know my skill-set, I specialize in stealth and disabling traps as well as picking locks if that's ever needed. Even though I'm not the strongest person, physically, my speed and agility allow for me to compensate in battle. I'll more than likely sneak out in front of you and whoever else we have with us in the Dungeon to scope out what lies in store for us. I....."

Just after Marta starts her sentence, the door to the room they were in is flung open, hitting the wall behind it! While one would expect a large, dominating figure to be standing in the doorway, it was, in fact, the small body of a male Halfling!


This boisterous Halfling was wearing an expensive looking suit as well as having a large bag across his shoulder. He would noticeably be counting the two other individuals in the room multiple times, then rubbing his chin as if he was trying to think of something.

"I'VE GOT IT. It appears that we are still missing one member of our little Familia, but from what I've heard, she isn't very hard to miss!!"

Jirgard would make his way over to the table and hop into the chair in the middle of the table, facing the door, between Akhev and Marta. He would take a quill and parchment out of his bag and begin to write something down at a blistering pace.

After a few minutes of almost awkward silence, the door would be knocked on a few times, and then opened by a female employee of the Guild who would bow to the three in the room, saying,

"Sirs and Madam, the final member of your group has arrived." She would then stand straight up and step to her left, allowing for the new member to enter the room. "

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You then hear a kind voice from outside the room. "Thank you for escorting me."

You then see a girl walk in with a heavier set of silver and white armor that yet was still slender to fit her figure. A silver shield on her back with a white sword and sun symbol on the front, the symbol of Iomedae. Her silver long sword hangs in its sheath of her left side with a white cross engraved on the hilt. She had a red sash that was tied around her stomach region just above her waist, the tails of it swinging behind her. She had long light blonde hair, so light that it seemed to glow like a shinny metal. Her eyes were pale white and pupil-less yet to many as beautiful as the heavens themselves.

"Sorry I'm late, I was doing my daily hour of prayer and lost track of time." She stands up straight and puts her right fist over her heart. "My name is Valtyra Vehin, Paladin of Iomedae, Knight of Ozem, and now Protector of the Novum Sanguis Familia." She then takes her fist of her chest and rests it by her side once again. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." She then would take a seat at the table.

(basically how I imagine her looking)

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Akhev would raise his brow as the lady in armor came in and introduced herself; not for the typical male chauvinist reason but he was quite intrigued by her. "A paladin coming into the city of Dungeons? Interesting, from what I heard there isn't anything particularly evil about the tower itself. The creatures, sure but I find it a bit peculiar that a Paladin would find it necessary to fight an endless battle without making any impact on the society as a whole." He would say this as he was taking his notes in the Journal as she spoke, making any other adjustments it as time would go on. His little ferret Lint would pop his head further out of the bag after hiding from the loud door opening earlier and coo a bit at the newcomer, curious about her.

He would also make notes about the boisterous Halfling that would be their new leader; merchant leaders were very typical as most of the time they were the only ones that had the funds in order to start such a venture in this town. He thought of potentially doing it himself but the sheer amount of responsibility with the little amount of time it would leave him to his creations was unappealing as well as counter-intuitive to his goals. "It is nice to meet you as well Mr. Felvir, it will be quite the prosperous venture we will all undertake in this Familia." He didn't particularly like kissing up to others but when they call the shots, grit your teeth and bear it.

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Valtyra holds her hand out toward the ferret. "Hi there little one."

She then addresses Akhev. "The Knights of Ozem have taken an interest in this dungeon for many reasons. One reason is that they see it as a place they could possibly send future Paladins for training. That being said the creatures are evil, should they ever somehow escape this place the world would be fighting a never ending wave of evil. I'm here to contain evil until we know with one hundred percent certainty that this dungeon isn't a threat to those outside of it. Turn it into a business with all the safety features you want, if this dungeon is truly alive like some people believe, then it's only a matter of time before it doesn't like what's going on. So what's your little friend in the pouches name?"

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"Is that everyone then, Jirgard?" Marta would ask as she sits up in her chair.

"Ah, yes, I do believe that everyone is here now! I assume that the two of you have already become acquainted, but now we can all become acquainted with each other, as a Familia! I shall go ahead and do the honors of starting us off!!"

Jirgard would hop up onto his chair to get a better look at everyone. "As the two of you know, I am Jirgard Felvir. I have made my living both as a traveling merchant and now as a merchant in this here city of Asterism. I most specifically deal in minor, magical items as well as basic equipment for adventurers. This allows for me to see many of the new faces whom decide to challenge the Dungeon, and since there is a constant influx of new adventurers, there is a constant influx of new customers! Saying this, I will be able to procure almost anything basic you all may need with ease, making it so that you need not go look for it. I can easily acquire any potions, wands, magical items, kits, etc., and the best part is, you will be able to get them at a discounted rate! While I'd love to give you them for free since we are a Familia, I cannot run a business doing so. I believe that being able to give them to you at that discounted rate will assist you in your adventures enough by itself though! Now, even though I cannot give you any in the future for free, I do have presents for you all to thank you in advance for helping in the spread of the name of my business as well as the name of our Familia! I did set myself on a budget, so they aren't the most powerful items you will end up obtaining, but I'm sure they will still be of great assistance to each of you!"

Jirgard then unslings his bag, reaches deep within it, and starts pulling out small wrapped boxes! He would hand slightly larger boxes to Akhev and Marta and a smaller box to Valtyra, then scurry back to his chair.

"Akhev, why don't you introduce yourself to Valtyra and then open your gift?!"

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Lint would sniff at Valtyra's hand and then lick a single finger; sensing she was a good person, he felt more relaxed as he then sat on the table next to Akhev, upright almost like a human instead of a ferret.

Akhev took more notes about everything that Jirgard had stated about his business, how he came to be here and anything else that was pertinent yet not repetitive about the whole situation. 'What a lively fellow...He certainly can talk fast and a lot but we shall see who is the one dealing in magic items and artifacts in the end.' He would think to himself as he smiled as he nodded along with the halfling's ranting and then sat up straight as he was given a present by him. "Well, you are too kind to even part with this much Mr. Felvir. I'm sure it will prove most useful in the field." Before he would open it he would hear the Familia leader's request an nod his head.

"As you wish sir. My full name is Akhev Jonbal and I am a user of the Arcane arts; magic as most would call it. And as for your question about my familiar, his name is Lint as he has a bad habit of always hiding in my backpack an thus I got him his own little carrying case with food and water in it for a portable home. He is my companion and longest friend." He chuckles as he pets the ferret on his head and he leans into it like a cat cooing as he does. After which he then opens the present that he was given, curious to see what was inside.

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Upon opening the box, Akhev would be greeted by what would look like a basic backpack.

"Check each side pocket. I assure you that the bag is more than it seems!" Jigard would say with a smile.

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Akhev would squint his eyes quickly to see if he could see anything wrong or peculiar with it; like maybe it was a joke or a prank to get things started on the right foot? That's something he would do but perhaps he wasn't like him that way. He would then set the box down on the table an reach inside to see about rifling into the side pockets.

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When Akhev reaches inside the side pockets, he immediately feels the shape of two circular and almost glass-like in texture objects. If he were to pull them out, he would feel a faint aura of magic behind them.

"I'm sure you've heard of a handy magical item known as a Pearl of Power? You are holding two of them in your hands right now! I know that a lot of the more experienced spellcasters in the city have at least a few of them along just in case they need them in a long fight or journey. That backpack is also something known as a Handy Haversack. It holds quite a bit of equipment while never becoming heavier than it is when empty, so that should help you be able to more easily carry many useful items into the Dungeon! It doesn't hold nearly as much as my Bag of Holding here, but I figured you'd be able to get one of these in the future if you so desire!"

Jigard would then turn to Marta, hold out his hand in an open manner, and smile warmly.

"Well, now, I guess that leaves me, doesn't it?" Marta would put her feet down on the ground and sit straight up in her chair.

"Nice to meet you, Valtyra, my name is Marta Brunelle. As you can most likely tell by the garb, I'm someone who much more prefers to use the art of stealth rather than bust my way in with brute strength. If we happen to run into any traps, feel free to leave them to me, I've got something of a knack for taking care of them. I'll be looking forward to working with you in a fight, up close and personal with the enemy."

She would then proceed to open up her box, pulling out a pair of black boots, lightly decorated with raven feathers.

"I don't mean to sound unappreciative, but what's with the boots? I've already got a perfectly good pair on my feet." She would say while giving them a good once-over.

"Oh, those boots aren't any normal boots either. They're known as Burglar Boots! They're said to greatly help someone find and avoid traps! I've heard that the Dungeon is always full of surprises, no matter where you go, so I'd like for you to be as prepared as you can!!" Jigard would say with a wide grin.

"Oh, well then, I greatly appreciate it. Anything helps when it comes to those things since some can be more nasty than anyone would want to deal with." Marta would say as she proceeds to take her boots off and put on the Burglar Boots. Surprisingly, no one would smell any foul odor coming from her old boots, almost as if she took the time to make sure that they didn't smell on a regular basis?

"Valtyra, since you have already introduced yourself to us, why don't you open your gift as well?!" Jigard would say as he leans over on the table towards her, almost like a small child would.

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"As you wish."

Valtyra then opens the box that was given to her.

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As Valtyra opens the box in front of her, she is greeted by an attractive silver headband, decorated with a number of small red and orange gemstones. By the untrained eye, it would also appear to be just a pretty headband, but, knowing Jigard, this item was much more than what it seemed!

"Please, go ahead and put it on. You should feel the effects of it's magic immediately!" Jigard would say with a great bit of enthusiasm.

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She nods and places the headband on her head and immediately feels an energy flowing through her.

"Thank you for the gift Mr. Felvir, I am greatly appreciative. May I ask what it is exactly? I'm afraid that it is not an item that I am totally familiar with."

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After placing the headband on her head, everyone in the room would notice that Valtyra would be more attractive to the eye for some reason.

"Ah, yes, beautiful! Both you and the fact that we are all together now! That headband is known as a Headband of Alluring Charisma! I have heard that you are someone who is already great with people, much like myself, so I thought that it would suit you well!"

Jigard would hop down from his seat and scurry over to the door.

"I have more to show you all, so please, follow me!" He proceed to fling the door open, and prance out into the hallway.

"Well, we better follow him. He's pretty spry for how short his is though." Marta would say as she hops out of her chair and follows after the little Halfling.

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"You're observation would seem to be correct." Valtyra would say as she stood up and followed.

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Akhev would quickly take the two Pearls of power and place one in each of the pockets inside of his robe; they were quite pricey and powerful items in themselves. To even give them away like this to people in his Familia was still a steep endeavor. He would smile as he would stand up and nod as he followed behind the other two females in his group. "This is already proving to be worth my time from these items alone. I can sell this backpack and not have to worry about being burdened with my items or loot." He would say as he put on the haversack and placed the backpack inside it; from the naked eye it wouldn't make sense but those with magic would know better.

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As the group follows Jigard through the main hall of the guild, out the main entrance, and into the bustling street which lead directly to the Dungeon, they would see that the Halfling almost effortlessly moved his way through the crowds in front of them. Virtually everyone who entered this city was familiar with this street in some way. It is well known for how many hundreds of people traverse it every day, going to and from the Dungeon as well as to enter the many businesses which lined it. This street was named Claudius Street after one of the founders of the city, Milla Claudius. Every once in a while, Jigard would stop and look behind him to make sure his new Familia members weren't losing him through the crowds, and once he confirmed they hadn't, he'd continue on, navigating through the main street until he came to the entrance to a side street. Upon catching up to the Halfling, the group would see that this side street was almost completely empty. It was a stark contrast from that of the main street.

"This is a nice little short cut I like to take. Well, it's actually a longer trip through here than it is through Claudius Street, but you don't have to worry about dealing with the crowds when taking this route. I personally prefer to not have to deal with all those people when I go to and from my destinations, but, in order to go almost anywhere in this city, you have to pass through Claudius Street at some point, so I prefer to make it as short as possible." He would then give the group a cheeky smile.

"Get it? Short? I'm short!!"

After seeing everyone's reactions for a second, he would continue to lead the group through the winding side streets of Asterism until the they finally reached a small building with an eye catching sign with the words, Felvir's Extraordinary Boutique, written on it.

"Welcome, my Familia, to my livelihood and life-partner!" He would then turn, whisper something into the keyhole on the door, and the door would open by itself!

"Please, do come in!" Jigard would prance his way into his shop, placing his hand over various stones throughout it, lighting the room up to show all its wares!

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Valtyra would walk into the shop and look around in awe at all of the different things that were in the shop.

"This is impressive. How did you manage to gather so much? I have met many travelers who don't have near the amount that you have here."

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Akhev would take note of the path they had taken; it would be useful to know the back alleys for the same exact reasons Felvir had stated an then some. Once they had gotten to the shop he was a bit more impressed and cracked a half-smile along with darting eyes to take a look at all the merchant had to offer. "Quite the establishment you have here, I must say. This is where you make most of your profits I assume? I'm guessing you come by all sorts of wares, as well as rare materials from the Dungeon as well." He would inquire as he looked at all the magic items; he would glance his hand around to find the ones with the strongest aura's about them (Passively using Detect Magic)

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Marta would follow the rest of the group into the shop, being sure to take a look at their surroundings before doing so to make sure that no one was watching and or listening to find out what the activation words were to unlock the door to the shop. She would join Akhev in his exploration of the shop, but going in the opposite direction around it, taking note of the security measures in place around the shop.

As Akhev would explore the shop, he would detect that virtually everything in the shop has some sort of magical aura about it. If he were to focus on one item from time to time, he would see that every item did, indeed, have a weaker aura about it, signifying that they were lesser magical items, just like Jigard said he primarily carried. He would find a handful of items with stronger auras than others, but they would all be on the same level for the most part.

Jigard would finish turning the various lights on in the shop and return to the front of it to flip the 'Closed' sign over to show the 'Open' side. "It's really quite easy when you are able to barter with various magic item artisans who are looking to sell their wares or adventurers looking to sell their old equipment in order to be able to buy new, stronger equipment. I also give a fair price to everyone, rather than trying to get as much as I can off of an item which isn't worth how much most other sellers are advertising it for. I also did not start my business here, rather I relocated it from another large city to Asterism in order to take advantage of the larger market."

"Akhev, I would be more than happy to assist you in creating and selling your magical wares as they grow in quality. It'll give you a stable selling platform as well as giving me another brand to sell. Rather than taking any percentage off of your creations for advertising them, I'll simply ask that you all give me enough off of your earnings each month to help with the taxes each month for our small plot of land here. You three will also be living here, above the shop, so it is only logical that you pay for it to some extent. I assure you that it will be a small sum each month, since I am able to pay the taxes well enough by myself, but the food and various other costs for having more people living here are a cost which I will not be covering for you. It may sound harsh, but I do have a business to run, and I assure you that the amount you'd be paying here will still be less than that of the cost of living somewhere else in the city."

Jigard would walk over, open up the safe behind the counter, and take out three keys from it. He would hand one of these keys to each of the three adventurers before returning to the front of the store.

"That key will open both the front door as well as the door leading up to your living quarters. If the shop is open when you come back, you will obviously not need to use it to open the front door, but the door to your living quarters will always be locked unless I tell you otherwise. If the front door is locked, you will also need a spoken password in order to open it...."

Before Jigard can continue, Marta would interrupt him, saying, "I was going to ask you about that. I'm not sure about these two, but I did hear what you said into the lock, and I can only assume that someone else will be listening in the future, or has already heard it in the past. What are you going to do if one of us loses a key, or has it lifted off of us by someone who knows the password?"

"I was just about to get to that, actually." Jigard would reply. "I change the password every morning before I open the shop. With having as many items as I do in my shop, I have had plenty of would-be thieves to deal with in the past. I just ask that you all put your key somewhere safe enough that you wont have to worry about a pickpocket."

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Valtyra would take the key and slides it into the front of her ribbon by her stomach.

"I greatly appreciate your kindness. I will make sure you get whatever money you require from the three of us. You are doing more for us than any amount of money could account for. And don't worry, if anyone manages to steal a key or from you, I will make sure they are brought to justice."

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"I'm guessing we will talk logistics at a later point in time then about the exact amount an such for rent. Also, no worries about it getting pilfered from me...I have a little friend who prevents that." He said as he opened the satchel flap and Lin popped his head out with a chirp and look up to Akhev. "I need you to keep this safe at all times alright? Can you do that for me?" Lint would nod his little head and reach out with his stubby little arms, Akhev would give him the key an he would disappear into the bag with a coo. He would close the flap and look to the others. "Ferret bites hurt, trust me on that. Now that we have the introductions, safe haven location, and procedure for getting in an out...let's talk about the dungeon delving part."

Akhev would cross his arms and gently lean against a bookcase, looking over the group and then back to Jigard. "The way I see it, I think either myself or Marta should be the objective observer in case the mission goes south or needs to be assessed. No offense to you miss Valtyra but Paladins can sometimes be...a bit strong-headed when the situation gets dire and we aren't on a crusade ourselves; we're here to make money or help the Familia. Other than that, we need to know how you want us to explore it or that the process is with the Dungeon itself. Are all the floors the same layout? How do the monsters spawn? We need as much info as we can get our hands onto to make sure we are prepared for anything we run into down there." He said as he then reached into the Handy Haversack, pulled out his journal and inkpen, which was still a bit wet from earlier in it's holder.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 23. May 2018 16:19

"I can only assume that you're a bit more logistically minded than I am, Akhev. I think it will be more lucrative if you are the on to take charge over myself. I have much more of a preference to retreat over continuing to fight, so I would be much less impartial." Marta would say as she places the key into her cloak, possibly into a pocket?

Jigard would perk up hearing Akhev's inquiry. "Ah, yes, yes, of course we will! Perhaps we can over some tea? And as far as information on how the Dungeon functions as a whole, it can be summed up into the fact that the Dungeon is akin to that of a living, breathing being. Many of the floors are similar in their look and feel, but they do change greatly once you make your way further into it. From what has been seen by other adventurers whom have made it further down into the Dungeon, the floors have had vast deserts, forests, and even bodies of water. The Dungeon has been described as being its own world, complete with sunlight and airflow. It can be assumed that there are various vents and shafts which air makes its way though to reach the numerous floors, but the 'sunlight' is not the same as the sunlight we know here on the surface. There are massive crystals which jut out from the ceiling of certain floors which acts much like our sunlight on the surface, providing that floor with light and heat. All of the floors which have forests and almost any other type of vegetation have these crystals in them, while most of the rest of the floors have smaller crystals scattered throughout them which act much like torches. There are many floors, however, that do not have any forms of light, whatsoever. Thankfully, said floors are much further down into the Dungeon, so you won't have to worry about them for a very long while."

Jigard would pull out a small book and a rolled up piece of parchment from behind his counter. He would untie the twine holding the parchment together, unravel it, and place a small object in each corner that one could only assume are weights of some sort. If one were to take a closer look at the parchment now displayed on the counter, they would be able to make out what looked like a map of a large collection of connected caves.

"This map was given to me by the Guild in order to make your initial delve into the Dungeon much easier. This book here contains fairly detailed information on the species of creatures living in each of the upper floors as well as a more detailed description of the layout of said floors. I have perused through the book and studied the map in my free time since I received it and the information provided by them will be very useful, indeed. Please, all of you, feel free to take a look at it."

Just after saying this, you all would hear the sound of the front door opening and the chime of a bell, presumably to notify whoever was in the room that someone had entered.

"Hey Jigard! How are ya?!" The figure of a human male would enter the store, wearing what could be seen as simple, everyday clothing and carrying a sword at his waist.

"Ah, Johannes, good to see you again as always my friend! Everyone, this is Johannes Anker. He is a regular customer of my fine shop as well as one of my suppliers! Johannes, this is Marta, Akhev, and Valtyra. They're my new Familia members, so you'll be seeing them quite a bit!" Jigard would say as he scurries around to where Johannes was to shake his hand and introduces all of you with an appropriate, open-handed motion.

"Why don't you three make your way upstairs and you can go over the map and guide together, or separately and get yourselves situated in your rooms? Johannes and I have some business to discuss, so we will be a little while."

"I do apologize for my intrusion, but it is great to get to meet all of you. I have known Jigard for quite some time now and I can assure you that he will take great care of you all." Johannes would say with a short bow to the three adventurers.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 23. May 2018 17:44

Akhev was scribbling away as he took detailed notes about what Jigard was saying about the Dungeon, the other Familia's, the ecology of the mysterious place and the way it was designed. He concurred that it most definitely was magical an that it could very well be a living entity but not in the traditional sense of 'living' more like that of a tree or could even be considered it's own planet. "Fair enough of a statement Marta, I don't partficularly like being the decision maker but I will do so as the situation demands it. And don't worry Valtrya, I will take everyone's opinion into consideration when we run into any problems. I am a logical thinker, not one who has too much pride in himself that he won't make the necessary decisions." He said as he moved over to the counter where he had taken out the map, still writing as he did so with surprising ease as he scanned over the image of the map and tried to take in as much as he could mentally before the door opened and he turned to see who the guest was, though was relieved that it wasn't an intruder.

"Excellent idea Jigard, we will do just that. And it is nice to make your acquaintance sir Johannes. Apologies we cannot talk more at length at this time but we won't intercede on your business dealings any further; I ask you don't mind as we take our leave and until next we meet." He said with a polite bow while simultaneously closing his journal and then putting it back into his bag along with inkpen. "If you two don't mind, I'll pick up the map an then we can continue our dealings upstairs in the rooms. Any one will suffice, I don't care as long as mine has a desk and writing area." He said as he carefully picked up the weights and the parchment as he then started heading upstairs, assuming the other two would follow.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 24. May 2018 00:46

Valtrya would sit there pondering about the information she had just listened too as well as the surrounding conversations, wondering what created such a dungeon, why it is here, and if it safe for an ever growing population around it.... or for how long it is. "I have no issues with you being the decision maker in all of this Akhev, a good decision maker should take the opinions of all involved, otherwise they wouldn't be very good leads..... though I feel you do misunderstand my mission to a point. While some paladins are indeed headstrong, most of us will lay our lives on the line to make sure innocent people are saved. My mission is not only to keep this dungeon under control while investigating it, but to also make sure everyone in this familia makes it out alive even if I don't." She then stands up from the table, turns around, and takes a bow toward Jigard and Johannes.

"Thank you again Jigard, it is also a pleasure to meet you Sir Johannes, I look forward to making your acquaintance in the future. I may even have to use you as a sparing partner, can't do my job properly if I get rusty after all and I assume you can use the sword that you are carrying at your side." She then turns and proceeds to follow toward the stairs.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 24. May 2018 16:27

Marta would give a quick nod to Johannes and follow the other two upstairs.

As the group makes their way up the short staircase they would come upon a short hallway, leading to an open room. This hallway would be flanked by multiple doors, each with a nameplate placed on them. Most of these nameplates had one of the group's name engraved on it and one had a simple, 'WC', engraved on it. Closest to the door, on the right hand side of the hallway was Valtyra's room and the second door on the right was Akhev's room. On the left, closest to the stairs, was the 'WC', and the last door on the left side led to Marta's room. If one were to peak into the open room at the end of the hallway, they would see what looked like a common-room, complete with a dining area, kitchen, and a small living room. It had more than enough space for four people to comfortably live and had enough room that more people could still be added if the Familia were to grow in the future. There was a fireplace on the far wall by the living room section and multiple windows lined the walls, providing the room with quite a bit of natural light.

"This is definitely a lot nicer than staying in an inn or sleeping in a tree, that's for sure." Marta would exclaim as she explores the common-room a bit before making her way over to her room. "I don't know about you all, but I'd like to get my things situated first before we do any sort of meeting. I think it will also be nice for Valtyra to be able to get out of her armor so that she can be more comfortable." Marta would say as she moves over to her door and turns the handle.

"Lets meet in the common-room once everyone is situated and then start discussing strategies and plan for our first delve into the Dungeon. Does that sound good to you two?"

1 · by Kinnon17 · 24. May 2018 17:47

Akhev would nod to himself as he admired the nice stylized architecture of the rooms; functional yet also relatively lavish as well. "I see his taste isn't only in wares but in real estate as well. This is pretty nice for a start-up of a location." He would look back over to Marta and nod his head in agreement. "Yes, that does sound good. Getting a feel for our new home to start and get comfortable would be good for morale and familiarity. I'll be there in about ten minutes; I won't take long to get acquainted with my area. See you ladies in a few moments." He said with a slight bow and a smile as he went over to his room and shut the door as he took a look at what would become his home for the future days he would spend most, if not the rest, of his life in.

"This is it Lint...the place where we will make our namesake as the best crafters in all the lands...I can see it." He said as he lifted his right hand and clenched it into a fist. Lint would pop his head up from the slight hole from the latched bag and would chirp happily as he sniffed the air around him to get the scent of their new home.

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Valtyra would nod as she admired the room. "I will meet you both shortly." She would say as she makes her way over to her room and opening the door to go inside and closing the door behind here.

"Hmm, while it would be nice to remove my armor for a bit, I don't think I can risk exposing myself right now. I don't know if I can fully trust those around me quite yet." She would think this to herself as she looked around the room a little bit.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 25. May 2018 20:20

As each of the three adventurers would enter their respective rooms, they would find a mostly basic looking room with a bed, desk, chair, and trunk to place their belongings in. Each of the rooms would have a single window looking out unto the city directly across from the doorway, and the adventurers would find another key sitting on their desks. There was also a note under each key with 'Room Key' written on them. Everyone likes their privacy from time to time and no one likes somwone going into their room without them knowing. Akhev would also find a bookshelf with a handful of what would look like novels and educational textbooks. Valtyra would find an armor rack as well as a small box sitting on her desk with the words 'Gear Maintenance Kit' written on it. Marta would find a small safe with a note lying next to it with the words, 'Try cracking this safe. It is sure to pose a fairly great challenge to you!'.

Marta would chuckle a bit after seeing the safe and reading the note. "That man sure knows how to keep the surprises coming." She would then place her pack on her bed and begin to organize her belongings. After she was finished, she would take a quick look at the safe before she headed into the common-room to meet with her new Familia.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 25. May 2018 21:55

Valtyra would organize her things to her liking, even setting up a small shrine for Iomedae to pray at and then looking over the room once more. "Jigard sure knows how to appeal to his guests and make sure they have what they need I see." She then thinks a little more about if she wants to take off her armor for a little bit and decides that she'll will for now. So she removes her armor and hangs it up on the armor rack but keep her gambeson on along with her sword and shield by her side because though she trusted those around her, she couldn't let her guard down quite yet. She then heads out into the common area.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 26. May 2018 16:40

Akhev would tidy things up in the room only a little bit to fit his tedious habits an such like fixing the location of the pens on the deks and the location of the chair as well as the layout of the bedding. "There; now it feels like home for us, doesn't it Lint?" He would ask his ferret companion that was skittering across the floor, sniffing the furniture and bed, before jumping up on it and snuggling against the pillow and cooing. "Heh, tired of being in that small bag huh? Ok, as long as you keep the key safe, you can rest easy buddy. I'll be back soon." Akhev said as he walked over, pet his life-long friend gently a few times and then left the room with his journal, the map and a few writing materials but leaving the rest of his gear behind an headed to the common room.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 28. May 2018 21:00

"So, let's have a look at that map and guide, shall we Akhev?" Marta would say as she corrects herself in her chair.

"I'm no cartographer, but I can read a map if needed."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 29. May 2018 18:06

Akhev would nod his head to Marta and then splay the map out on the biggest table in the common room, with the weights once more to show the map in it's entirety. "I'm sure this scale is just to make it more understandable because from what I can tell, this way makes it look a lot smaller than it is. So we will have to prepare accordingly to make sure we understand the sheer depth of this labyrinth each time we enter to make sure we don't fall victim to it's enormity. Better to have a plan that can adapt than to go in blindly, wouldn't you all agree?" He would hope they would be of like mind, if not it could cause issues later but he would worry about that later, if need be.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 30. May 2018 19:40

Valtyra would look down at the map for a few seconds looking it over. "I can only imagine that the size of each room alone would seem like a whole new world. Creatures we've never seen, weather never before imagined, climates that were never imagined in the worst of nightmares. I agree that a plan needs to be made that can be flexible and changed at any moment. I feel the best way to do that would be to have a scouting mission our first time in. Get a general idea of what we would be looking at and what we could be up against. After all, if we struggle with the first floor, we would never survive the ones below it I imagine. "

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 31. May 2018 15:59

"Well, if it isn't already obvious by my garb, I specialize in stealth, infiltration, as well as picking locks and disarming traps. I usually work by myself a majority of the time, so I think it would be best for me to scout out ahead of the two of you to see what lies in wait for us further into the Dungeon. I know that the dangers are still widely unknown to us, but I trust my ability to escape from situations which present themselves as being too difficult for me to deal with by myself. Of course I'd check back with the two of you from time to time to let you know what's going on, but I'd rather know what is in front of us before it hits us."

Marta would take a closer look at the map as well.

"Akhev, let me take a look at that guidebook. It may have some very beneficial information for us." Marta would reach out her hand to receive the book from Akhev.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 04. Jun 2018 00:59

Akhev would give Marta the Guidebook for now; he could always read it later to gather all the details whilst they would walk to and fro from locations, as well as in his spare time back at the base. "Sound ideas all around gang, I believe that once we have gathered our surroundings an barring any other interruption for Jigard, that we could dare make an initial venture today before night fall were to occur. I have all my spells prepared for what may come to us down there; I'm a Transmutation specialist but I also err on the side of caution and usually go with magic's that sever multiple functions, a utilitarian approach really. Plus, with these new magic items he bestowed upon us, I think our chances of succeeding on our first try have gone up quite a bit." He would say as he would lean back in the chair he was in and looked over to Marta, "Anything noteworthy you've perused so far, our stealthy comrade?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 04. Jun 2018 01:44

As Marta flips through the pages of the guidebook, her facial expression would not change like most other people's would while reading something for the first time.

"Hmmmm, it looks like we're definitely going to have our hands full if the creatures birthed by the Dungeon begin to be reborn while we are traversing it. The amount of time between all of them being defeated and the start of their rebirth looks like it is a constant variable. The very fact that they are revived is a large problem itself. Just because there may not be any creatures present when we enter a floor doesn't mean that they will not revive while we are making our way through. It also looks like the number of creatures inhabiting a floor is never a constant either, meaning that if we defeat five of them, six or seven could spawn. it also looks like the natural hazards of the Dungeon give us yet another factor to take into account on our journey. Akhev, might you have a spell to help keep someone awake while the others sleep? I know that some other spellcasters I have met have had access to such a spell, and I believe it would be a much better option than taking shifts sleeping if we decide to stay in the dungeon for longer than a single day."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 10. Jun 2018 20:02

"Hmmm...we will have to see if we can find a scroll shop or maybe a spell store that has such a spell. Unfortunately, I have not been in many places with dangers that I needed more than just myself and Lint to keep a look out for an thus do not have the ability of which you speak. So that might be something we will have to do before we go in there." He leans back and scratches his beard vigorously with a bit of a sour face,"They don't have a set amount of coming back but there is a definite time for relapse? How long is the time difference between them for that? We could potentially use that info for ourselves as an Ace in case we run into another familia we quarrel with as an alternate means of escaping or defeating them. Use your environment to your advantage whenever possibly is a saying I hold dear." He would chuckle as he then leaned forward to Marta,"What kind of hazards are we talking about? We would need to be aware of the list and the type of environment we are in to help figure what kinds we should expect while we are there. Any questions you have Valtyra?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 11. Jun 2018 17:02

Valtyra would shake her head, "No, as of now I don't really have any questions that I can think of. I think the two of you have covered anything that I would of needed to know."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 14. Jun 2018 16:50

"The only information on the possible hazards this guidebook contains other than the creatures lurking within the Dungeon are the possibility of falling rocks, random holes opening in the ground which drop you to lower floors, and poisonous plants. It gives a brief description of a few types of said plants, enough that we should be able to pick them out if we come across them, but it also reminds us that the Dungeon is forever-changing. It appears that not all of the rules we know to be true in the outside world necessarily apply to the Dungeon. It must be the magical influence which the Dungeon has or something else entirely. I definitely suggest that we try our best to make detailed reports of each thing we come across for our safety as well as the safety of any other rookie adventurers whom may end up joining our Familia." Marta would hand the book back to Akhev.

"I definitely believe that this guidebook is best left in your possession since you seem like the type to take more detailed notes than I am." Marta would chuckle a bit while leaning back in her chair.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 15. Jun 2018 00:00 · changed: 15. Jun 2018 00:03

"An always present and ever changing foe, this place certainly far from normal. We'll have to be on guard at all times, getting stuck in a place like that at the wrong moment will almost certainly stop us from obtaining our goals well before we get started. I'm sure the two of you are both worthy fighters so hopefully the task of keeping the two of you alive won't be too difficult. As long as we work together and don't let egos take over I don't see why we wouldn't make it out of a place like this." Valtyra would say as she continued to stand by the table and watched Marta pass the book back to Akhev.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 05. Jul 2018 03:03

Akhev would listen to Marta's words and nod along as she explained everything she did and heeded the words of Valtrya as well. He took the book and just perused the few pages that she had just gone over. "I will make sure my notes are as detailed as possible while also being able to be read by others not as fluent as myself in common's more intricate words. Sometimes the simpler the better, right?" He would say as he closed the book and stashed it back into his Handy Haversack before making a light yawn then looking over the ladies. "Well, I believe that will be the most info we will be able to get without actually going into the dungeon at this point. I think it is only afternoon so we could try to explore a bit while there is still daylight or we could call it for tomorrow. I'm fine with either option, though my curiosity has me eager to go sooner rather than later."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 05. Jul 2018 16:49

"Hmm, I suppose going in today does give us a chance to see what we might be up against for a full days exploration. If you two are up for it then we can, I know we have traveled a lot to get here so either option works from me. I too am very curious to know about these enemies that await us in the dungeon."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 09. Jul 2018 03:39

"If the two of you are fine with going in for a bit today, I have no reason to argue with you about it. We should obviously inform Jigard if we are, since he is the head of our Familia. Unless were're planning on staying over night, I also suggest that we only take with us what is absolutely necessary for our short expedition. The less we have to weigh us down and to worry about, the more quickly we can make our way through the area. I am always prepared for the most part, even if it seems like I am not carrying any weapons on my person."

Marta would flick both of her wrists simultaneously, causing two daggers to appear from within her sleeves.

"I figure we should also be knowledgeable of each other's fighting styles. As you can see, I have two hidden daggers, one on each arm. I also have three others on the back of my belt, which I can either use in close quarters or I can also throw them a short distance. My primary weapons, however, are my short swords. I am fairly skilled at fighting with both of them at the same time, as well as at catching my opponents unaware. I try to take out my enemies before they can react or get a hit in on me rather than fight a prolonged battle. Being that you are much more heavily armored than I am, Valtyra, I think it would be most advantageous for the both of us if we were to take on larger enemies together. I can hit it from behind and you can face it head on with your sword and shield. Am I correct in my assumption that you tend to fight enemies face to face? And Akhev, I assume that you prefer to stay in the back in more of a supportive role?" Marta would inquire as she conceals the daggers within her sleeves once again.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 11. Jul 2018 01:46

"Your assumption is correct. We Paladins tend to prefer a face to face combat style, especially if the foe is worthy adversary. I will try and draw as much of the monsters attention as possible away from the two of you. I think you'll find that with the blessings from being a Paladin of Iomedae and the training alongside my fellow Knights of Ozem that I am more than ready for the tasks ahead."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 13. Jul 2018 17:42

Akhev would nod his head at Marta's suggestion of travel provisions and with the discussion of tactic already well under way, he would stand from the table and take a deep breath before speaking. "Yes, support as well as some magic attacks as well. They aren't quite potent enough to kill foes on it's own but any contribution is better than none, correct? An if all else fails I am no stranger to physical combat as well...though my club abilities are a far cry from your melee skills I'm sure but a fail-safe is a fail-safe after all." He would say as he would pat the wooden club he had at his side, then collect the map and stow away the book for use once they actually got to the dungeon.

"Alright, since we all know what we are best and an seem to know how to deal with any encounters we may run into, I say we inform Jigard of our decision and make our first entry into the Dungeon. I would vote we do not spend the night in there on the first trek; reconnaissance is the name of the game on the first venture, always and foremost. After that, we will be better able to know what to expect an how to handle ourselves from then on."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 15. Jul 2018 20:13

Valtyra would nod. "I'll go put my armor back on, and then I'll be ready to go. We must be quick so we can study as much as possible before the sun goes down." She then turns and begins walking back to her room to put her armor on and say a quick prayer in front of the shrine she put up for Iomedae.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 22. Jul 2018 02:10

Marta would make her way back to her room to grab the few items she needs and then wait for her new comrades at the top of the stairs. Once the party is ready, they would make their way back through the side streets towards Claudius Street, which was the most direct route to the entrance of the Dungeon. On their way out, they would see that Jigard is still deep in discussion with Johannes.

"Alright! Be safe you three! Just remember that it is never a bad thing to retreat if you feel like you've delved too deep. Enjoy your first adventure, and I'll see you when you all return!" He would wave to the group with a warm smile as they depart before returning to his negotiations with Johannes.

Claudius Street was still quite bustling, but not nearly as much as it was when they previously walked down it. As they get closer to the entrance, the group could see many more adventurers leaving the dungeon than entering it. They could only assume that they have been traveling through it since the early morning and are taking a short break since none of them had an injury worse than a few cuts and bruises.

"Any idea how much that thing can carry, Akhev? I can see one cause for us to have to leave the Dungeon being the number of cores we collect. I know that we're not going to necessarily be looking for conflict, but it is bound to happen at some point. And let's not forget that most of the reason we're here is to collect those cores to exchange for money that we can each use for our own needs."

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Akhev would follow the others out as he gathered his things, taking Lint with him making sure he still had the key from earlier as he entered his special carrying case and then went to the stairs with Marta, as they all gathered and made their way through the town. Once they saw the several others leaving the dungeon entrance he then sighed as he pulled out one of his books an began to skin through it as he tried to find an answer to Marta's Question. "I do not recall the exact dimensions of this Handy Haversack, as I haven't gotten to study one up close an little time now to do so but I will see what I can gather. Knowing how much we can carry with us will be imperative."

Knowledge Arcana: 1d20+8 = 24(16 + 8)

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 29. Sep 2018 01:07

Valtyra would observe more the city and it's people as they made their way around. As they got closer to the entrance she would look at the people leaving, paying close attention to those with injuries and listening in on other peoples stories so that she could gather an idea of what she would have to protect the others from. "Well, the moment is finally here. We get to head into the place that contains some of the greatest sources of riches, knowledge, and conquests any of us could ask for." She looks at the other two before speaking again. "The three of us have different goals here, but the Gods seem to have a reason for bringing us together. I will make sure to protect you both.… you three, don't worry Lint I didn't forget about you, with the best of my abilities while we all try to accomplish what it is we came here for. I also look forward to seeing what you can do in combat." She then smiles a little bit. "This should be fun."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 05. Oct 2018 03:07

Akhev, from your many sources of study, you would recall having come across information on the Handy Haversack. You would recall that the larger section of the bag can hold up to 80 pounds of contents, but nothing more than 8 cubic feet in size. The smaller, side pouches can hold up to 20 pounds of contents, being no larger than 2 cubic feet in size.

Valtyra, you would notice that almost every adventurer exiting the Dungeon would have sort of cut, scrape, or injury along those lines. You would notice that some of them had slightly more serious injuries, but nothing that seemed life-threatening.

Marta would chuckle a bit at Valtyra's comment. "If this is going to be your idea of fun, then we may get along more than I thought. I know I'm typically ready for just about anything that could come at us, but, from what I've heard, this place has a bad habit of throwing the absolutely unexpected at you." She would do one last check on her gear as she enters the Dungeon through the grand arch built in front of it.

As the group enters the Dungeon, the could come to what would seem to be that of a checkpoint. There would be signs above each entrance with different colors and symbols inscribed upon them. From what you all have read, you would know that each of these entrances lead to different levels of the Dungeon. Unless one of you could remember the meaning of each color, you would not know which one to chose.

  • Knowledge Local Checks-
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Knowledge Local: 1d20+1 = 17(16 + 1)

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8 = 27(19 + 8)  

Akhev would recall that he had seen one entry of a Handy Haversack in an Almanac he read a few years back an would snap his fingers as he remembered it. "The Handy Haversack is as follows; the larger section of the bag can hold up to 80 pounds of contents, but nothing more than 8 cubic feet in size. The smaller, two side pouches can hold up to 20 pounds of contents, being no larger than 2 cubic feet in size. Thus allowing us to have quite the amount of space. Also, that anytime I wish to retrieve something from it, I need not search for it. Observe!" He would say with some excitement as he blindly reached into the bag, thinking of an item he was looking for, and nearly as quick as he put his hand in it, pulled out his Wizard's Spell book. "See? Very efficient, since both my journal and spell book are of the same dimensions I might've gotten them mixed up but not with this!" He would chuckle happily a bit at his newly acquired Item, perhaps a bit too much so.

Lint would peek his head out of his satchel and would churr happily to Valtyra then quickly disappear into his home once more. Akhev would then clear his throat, putting his book back and looked upon the sigils an color markings, trying to recall what he heard about them earlier; the difficulty and levels they represented.

Knowledge History(Substitute for Local): 1d20+8 = 27(19 + 8)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 28. Feb 2019 20:45

Valtyra, you unfortunately have not enough knowledge of the symbols to know what they say, but you could assume that, based off of the colors accompanying them, that they would go from beginnner level to an advanced tier from left to right.

Akhev, however, through your many hours of dedicated study of the history of the town and its discoveries, would recall that you have come across the symbols in one of the tomes you read not long ago! You would, in fact, recall that they placed these checkpoints to help guide adventurers to the correct levels of the Dungeon for their experience levels. You would be able to put the symbols together in your head to be able to read them as well! From left to right, they read; Greenhorns, Intermediates, Slayers. and Legends. You would also recall that it takes quite some time for an adventurer to be able to advance from tier to tier. There are a fair number of adventurers who have made it to the Intermediates tier, but few who have made it to, and survived the Slayers tier. You could remember there was only one individual who made it to the Legends tier, but he has not been matched in many decades. There are dozens of floors in this Dungeon, and even the easiest of the floors have taken many adventurer's lives if they are not careful.

Marta would look to Akhev with an inquisitive expression, hoping that he would have an idea as to what the symbols mean since she had no idea. "It sounds like that backpack of yours is definitely going to be useful to carry anything we find without slowing us down. I'm not too worried about Valtyra here, but I typically prefer to move as lightly as I can."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 01. Mar 2019 01:53

Akhev would nod his head as he closed his eyes; he liked to repeat the knowledge inside his head a couple of times before saying it to others, as to make sure he was correct in his thinking. "Alright, got it. So, the four paths before us are the different paths in this dungeon, which lead to a multitude of floors of somewhat the same difficulty for those going in it. We would want to start with the Greenhorns path, another word for Novice adventurer's but take head; many have died even in the easiest of areas due to carelessness. The ones after it are as follows," Akhev would say as he would point to the other colors above the pathways. "Intermediate; another word for seasoned adventurer's. Slayers; what I would assume would stand for those who are 'dire' professional adventurer's, one's who have braved quite the dangerous perils. And lastly...Legends, of which I know there to only have been one individual who has been able to enter these floors an live to tell about it." He would end his explanation as he fixed the collar of his clothes an would walk towards the Greenhorns entrance.

"Yes, I expect that the head of the Familia would know that we would be eager in our journey through the floors an wanted us to be able to take back as much as we could on our first venture. The gods are certainly ones who know how to plan for things, aren't they?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 01. Mar 2019 04:59

Valtyra would nod. "I feel like the Gods have great plans for us on this day." She would then take her right hand and punch her left palm with a look of determination on her face. "Now what do you guys say we show this dungeon and this city what this Familia is made of."

She would then start to make her ways over to Greenhorn entrance as well.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 02. Mar 2019 00:51

"I've never been one to trust in what the Gods have planned for anyone, let alone myself." Marta would say with a chuckle.

"As long as you two don't get in my way I'm sure we'll be fine. I'm in this for myself over anyone else, so don't expect me to risk my hide to save you if I don't have to." Marta would continue with a serious tone. "I'll do my part to make sure we get the biggest haul we can, but nothing besides that!"

Marta would follow after her companions towards the Greenhorn entrance.

As the three adventurers would get closer to the entrance, they would find that there was a very short line and each individual or group of adventurers would stop as they reach the checkpoint, the man standing on their side of the checkpoint would jot something down in a book he was holding, and then they would continue on into the Dungeon. As the group neared the entrance, they could see more and more of the beginning of this entrance to the Dungeon, since it was fairly well lit by torches which lined the walls. As they reach the man standing before the entrance he would greet them with a very gruff tone, saying,

"State your name and what Familia ye be from you three, and be quick about it. I've got a lot more of ye to register. You lot are all too eager to go down into that hell-hole."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 02. Mar 2019 02:06

"A hell-hole...not a bad description from the horrific accounts I've read in the past but fear not, we are a cautious group! I am Akhev Janbol, of the Novum Sanguis Familia; the same Familia that my three companions are from but I will let them introduce themselves. Tell me, are you taking the names down for record in case none come back? I figured the handlers at the Hall would keep track of that." He would ask quizzically as he rubbed his chin as he thought about the other alternatives that the man would need to know these things from them.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 02. Mar 2019 02:40

Valtyra would chuckle a little. "We Paladins are used to running into hell and back. My name is Valtyra Vehin of the Novum Sanguis Familia much like my new comrade here mentioned. You must be very concerned about the amount of people heading down there. Rest assure, I will make sure I can help save as many people as possible."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 02. Mar 2019 05:56

"I am Marta Brunelle of the same Familia as these two. I too am wondering as to why you are asking for our names and Familia."

The man would look at the three with a face that could only be described as one of someone who is becoming more and more irritated the longer they all stood there. He would clear his throat and answer the adventurers before him.

"You three are definitely new around here, aren't you? To answer your question, I am,indeed, taking everyone's names to track who all enters the Dungeon as to be sure that someone doesn't simply go missing in town. Many new adventurers just like yourselves have gone into that hole only to never be heard of or seen again. It's assumed that they all were killed by whatever the hell is down there or they got lost in one of the numerous tunnels. If you get lost and end up going missing down there, you're considered as good as dead. There have been a handful who show up again after some time, but they are either too scarred by what they witnessed to ever return or they simply find a new group and continue on again."

He would finish writing their names in his book before continuing.

"If you are down there for more than a few days, it is simply noted as normal. If you are down there for over a week, you're considered missing, and I already told you what happens if that were to be the case. I would suggest that you spend no more than three days down there at a time without giving prior notice to your representative at the Guild as well as your Familia Head. I also suggest that you diligently note what is in that guide that all of you should have received when you first formed your Familia. It has helped many a novice adventurer to simply survive down there, and I also suggest that you hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is not uncommon for adventurers to come across the remains of others who came before them, and they are often times not a pretty sight."

He would look to the line forming behind the party and then back to them,

"Now, if you could please hurry along before that line gets any longer and those lunatics get any more impatient, it would be much appreciated." He would say as he ushers the group down the tunnel.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 02. Mar 2019 07:07

Akhev would reach in an pull out the Guide book that he perused earlier, taking a bit more careful look at the beginning chapter to see if there were any hints in it that would be relevant to what the man was saying about the Dungeon. Though he was confident they had already looked at that earlier, he slowly walked forward to ease the man of his troubles. "Thanks for the advice, we will be sure to be back soon." He said nonchalantly as he waited for his companions to lead the way, being that they were the more combat inclined.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 02. Mar 2019 07:39

Valtyra would slightly bow towards the man and say "Thank you for the information good sir. I know you job must be stressful, but it is a good thing you are doing here. I hope you have a blessed day and we shall look forward to seeing you more in the future." She would then stand back up and being to walk down the tunnel.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 04. Mar 2019 02:49

Marta would nod to the gatekeeper and make her way to be in front of Akhev, but just behind Valtyra, being that she was definitely the primary combatant of their group. As the three adventurers would make their way further down the tunnel, they would see other adventurers making their way down as well. Their facial expressions ranged from ones of pure excitement to ones you could only describe as pure terror. There would be many different sounds coming from many different directions that one could only make out what they would be if they attempted to focus their hearing on a specific sound.

Eventually, the party would come upon the end of the tunnel, which now split into 5 new shafts, each of them leading in different directions as well as some of the having inclines and declines a ways down them. Other adventuring parties seemed to be following each other down the left three tunnels, with no one being able to be seen heading down the other two. Was this for a reason or just pure happenstance that almost all of the other parties were going down the same three tunnels? Our party may have to ask another party why it may be or consult a source of information as to why this is happening. Either that or they could simply make a choice of which tunnel to explore and see where that decision takes them and what it has them encounter!

What will our fledgling party do?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 04. Mar 2019 16:27 · rolls: 1 · changed: 05. Mar 2019 02:45
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 23(16 + 7)  

Valtyra being curious about why so many people would be avoiding the two tunnels on the right would attempt to get the attention of the closest group of adventures. “Excuse me, I don’t mean to delay your decent into the Dungeon. We’re new to all this and I’m curious as to why it seems everyone is heading down these three tunnels in specific?”

Diplomacy Check: 1d20+7 = 23(16 + 7)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 04. Mar 2019 17:10 · rolls: 3 · changed: 05. Mar 2019 02:45
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+7 = 10(3 + 7)   #2 1d20+4 = 15(11 + 4)   #3 1d20+7 = 26(19 + 7)  

Akhev would try to train his ears to see if he could hear if any of those sounds were cries for help or not; a good way to get in with the locals is to do them a favor in which you could call upon a later time. Heck, maybe even a long as it wasn't too dangerous for their party to help.

Perception Check 1d20+7 = 10(3 + 7)

"While you go talk to them, I will see if the Guide Book has anything to say about this peculiarity. Just give me a few seconds to peruse it..." Akhev would say as he would quickly look through it to see if it mention this five-split pathway.

Intelligence Check 1d20+4 = 15(11 + 4)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 05. Mar 2019 04:31 · changed: 05. Mar 2019 16:10

As the very next group of adventurers pass by our party, they suddenly come to a halt and gaze at Valtyra for a moment as if they had just been beckoned by a goddess. The first one to speak, a well-built human male with brown hair, green eyes, feather earrings, and about the same height as Valtyra would explain, "We simply are following what most everyone else is doing, since we probably have a greater chance of making it back if we are around more people. We've heard that there really isn't much of any undiscovered treasure to be found down there though. The three paths to the left are, by far, the most explored, so they are definitely the safest if you're worried about anything sneaking up on you. The paths to the right are far less explored from what we've been told. We went down the second to the right path once and came back with some pretty nice finds, but we didn't go down too deep. I don't personally know what the path to the far right holds though. I haven't had the chance to ask anyone about it yet. There are plenty of monsters to fight in the first three choices, but you will still have to make your way around other adventurers and possibly have them steal your kills."

The second adventurer, a shorter, more slender male Undine holding a staff would then chime in, "I would definitely say that you guys should stick with the three paths to the left if you want to play it safe and not go too crazy. If you want great loot, and are willing to take a bit more of a risk, take the second from the right path. If you want all the possible loot, but you're willing to take a big risk and possibly not make it back, take the far right path! We gotta get going to our spot though before someone else makes it there, hope we helped!!"

The two adventurers would wave to the group as they ran off down the second from the left path. Maybe the group could take a mental note of their faces so that they could speak to them again in the future if the need were to ever arise?

Akhev, you would not be able to tell what the sounds were from a distance, but you would be able to make out some howls from what sounded like a wolf or possibly a dog of some sort. All the guidebook would say about the subject from your search is that there are multiple instances of tunnels branching off to parts unknown throughout the Dungeon, but the Greenhorns tunnel is the only tunnel which does so at the very beginning.

Marta would quickly chime in, "I say we avoid the far right path for now. It seems like it could only end badly for us, especially since we are in our first delve. I would not be against going down the second from the right path, but I will go with whatever the two of you see as being a good choice."

What will the party do? Will they brave the dangers of the unexplored paths or follow everyone else to where it is relatively safe?

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 05. Mar 2019 04:42

Valtyra would smile and wave and quickly shout to them "Thank you! Your information was helpful! What are your names?"

1 · by Kinnon17 · 05. Mar 2019 05:00 · changed: 05. Mar 2019 05:03

Akhev would shake his head in disappointment as he closed the book as he didn't find anything useful in the book nor did he figure what the noises were other than a possible canine down on one of the hallways. "Well, I wasn't able to get anything from the book but it seems Valtyra was able to get more from those two...their demeanor completely changed when she spoke to them though, strange. Did you cast some kind of spell on them?" He asked her quizzically as how she got their gaze so quickly.

He would then look over to Marta, shaking his head as he focused back on the task at hand. "R-Right, ahem, yes. I would say to try and go down the second to right as well. The yield is better than the first ones but not as bad as the last choice. I would like to have something to show Jirgard, a small return on his investment already, you know?"

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 05. Mar 2019 16:16

The human adventurer would stop quickly and shout back, "I'm Sorie and that's Miklio! I wish you the best of luck!" He would then turn around and run off after his partner down the tunnel.

Marta would start walking down the path second from the right as Valtyra shouts back and forth with their new acquaintances. "Come on you two, we don't have all day to chit-chat. lets get as far as we can in a few hours and head back. We can always mark where we end off to continue it later."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 05. Mar 2019 16:54 · changed: 06. Mar 2019 03:43

Valtyra would bow her head and say a short prayer for for her two new acquaintances asking for them to have a safe and bountiful trip before turning and heading down the path her comrades picked out for them.

“Also to answer your question Akhev, there was no spell required, guess I just have a friendly face.” She would smile and laugh a little.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 05. Mar 2019 19:26

"Very interesting...oh, right away Marta!" Akhev woukd shout back to her as he quickly caught up with her, pulling out his club from his side and holding it in his right hand, while his ledr hand cackled with a spark as he prepared himself for whatever may come their way in the tunnels as he took his assigned position in the group.

((Just asthetically telling that he took Jolt, the 0th level spell as his default means of ranged attacks ^-^))

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 06. Mar 2019 19:27 · rolls: 1 · changed: 06. Mar 2019 19:36
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+11 = 28(17 + 11)  

As the party runs down their chosen path, they would begin to notice just how quiet it was becoming, almost as if the tunnel were sleeping. The tunnel would be wide enough for two people to comfortable walk, or run adjacent to each other, so after Akhev would catch up to Marta, he would be able to run with her. After what only would seem like a few minutes of running(assuming everyone kept the same pace), the party would see what looked like a wider opening at the end of their path. As they came to the opening, Marta would begin to slow down, taking what would appear to be a much more cautious approach to their new surroundings. After Valtyra was able to catch up to Marta and Akhev, Marta would ask in a hushed tone,

"Keep quiet for a second, I'm going to see if I can hear anything in the immediate area. As you two would hopefully agree, I'd much rather take it slow and be cautious until we know our surroundings."

d20+11 = 28(17 + 11)

Thanks to her trained senses, she would be able to hear the footsteps of a handful of creatures not far away. After confirming her findings, she would turn to her party members and explain,

"I can hear a handful of creatures a bit of a ways from us. I would like to scout out the area more so that I can get a feel for it and see exactly how many of them there may be. If I can sneak up behind them, it would be more advantageous for all of us. Valtyra, I know that you won't be able to sneak up on them with that armor of yours, so I'll see if I can't distract them long enough or lure them back this way so that we can all attack them together. That work for you two?"

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 06. Mar 2019 21:29

"As good of a plan as any I suppose." Valtyra would say questioning how much Marta really trusted her at this point..... or weather or not she trusted Marta. "Just be careful you don't get caught, you won't have backup right away if you get spotted."

1 · by Kinnon17 · 06. Mar 2019 21:58 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+1 = 21(20 + 1)  

Akhev would nod his head as he would slowly cling to one side of the wall, trying to get as close to it as possible to hide his presence while responding to Marta's suggestion. "That is a sound idea Marta; I will hang back here to help from a distance for you guys and saving my more potent spells for when the need arises, if it does that is."

Stealth Check to hide against an indent in the walls, if there was one to do so to: 1d20+1 = 21(20 + 1)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 07. Mar 2019 16:14

As Akhev attempts to hide along the wall, Marta would snicker a bit before seeing that his intelligence may actually have helped him become hidden for the most part. It was fairly evident that he was not used to doing it on a regular basis, but he happened to find a spot just right to almost entirely hide him from view from most angles!

"I gotta hand it to you Akhev, you hide pretty well. I definitely wouldn't expect it from someone like you. And Valtyra, don't worry, I won't get caught. I've been doing this for years, so I'm pretty used to sneaking around. I'll be back in a little bit though, so don't go anywhere."

Marta would then turn the corner and disappear from sight almost instantly.

After what would feel like an eternity for Valtyra, being that she was effectively by herself, Marta would finally return, reappearing to her in a manner that would not alarm Valtyra and possibly cause her to put up her guard.

"Akhev, if you're listening, there are a total of 3 enemies in the next room from what I could see. I didn't find any obvious traps, but I didn't really take the time to cleanly sweep the area. They are, unfortunately creatures of which I am not familiar with, so I can't tell you how strong they are or what we should do to prepare for them, but I know they have no idea we're here. Did either of you have an idea as to how we should go about attacking them?" Marta would say in a slightly hushed tone.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 07. Mar 2019 16:45 · changed: 07. Mar 2019 16:47

Valtyra would think for a moment about a possible plan of attack. “Unfortunately without knowing what theses enemies are we can formulate an exact plan. We don’t know what they do when they attack or how so we’ll be going into this fight blind. Best thing I can come up with would be I go in and get their attention on me then the two of you can hopefully get a jump on them. It’s risky but it might be better then all three of us fighting them head on.” She would say matching Marta’s hushed tone.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 07. Mar 2019 23:45

Akhev would have to agree with Valtyra on her idea; once he got a good look at them he could try to identify them from his memory or at the very least, mark them down in his journal a bit of their capabilities until he has a full entry on them. "I would say we would need to go with our friends Idea for now, since we are stuck like this in tight quarters. Otherwise...I could conjure up an image of a powerful monster I read about to try an scare them off but we wouldn't be able to collect any cores nor info from them. Though I would want to save that for a more dire time."

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 09. Mar 2019 06:23 · changed: 11. Mar 2019 14:57

"I'd rather you save your best abilities for when we really need them, Akhev. If you have any way to aid us in taking these creatures down, it would also be much appreciated. If you feel like you can do it. I could go and hid a bit away from where you two are, you could attract the creatures to you, and I could catch one of them by surprise, Valtyra. I have a knack for being able to hit a vital point when I can surprise my enemies, and I'd like to hope that they all focus their energy at you right away and then I can see if I can at least draw on off of you. You definitely do have the appearance of a much bigger threat after all."

Marta would draw her short swords from behind her waist, "Now, unless either of you have any other concerns, I say we get on with this. The creatures we seek are about 90 feet away. around the corner to our right. They will see you coming before you're close enough to do much of anything to them unless you have some ability that lets you hit enemies around corners, so i suggest you have your weapons at the ready before you round the corner and prepare yourself for combat. I'll move around back of them as best I can and hopefully one or two of them will be down before we know it."

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 09. Mar 2019 06:38 · changed: 09. Mar 2019 06:38

Valtyra would nod drawing her sword and shield. “May the Gods watch over us.” She would say as she began heading toward the battlefield, excited, yet cautious about what foe she is about to fight.

1 · by Kinnon17 · 09. Mar 2019 07:07

Akhev would move from his hiding spot and follow behind Valtyra, trying to move in her shadow an hoping that her loud armor would take the focus away from him whilst they made their way to the field. "Nethys, guide my magic to pierce the veil of the unknown; let all knowledge come into my grasp." He said as he would cast Shield on himself; a force of transparent magic would appear before him, moving with him like a floating shield.

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 11. Mar 2019 15:12 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8 = 28(20 + 8)  

As her two companions move towards the enemies waiting for them, Marta would slink off into the shadows once again to make an effort to surprise at least one of the creatures they are about to fight.

1d20+8 = 28(20 + 8)

As Valtyra would round the corner that Marta mentioned, she would be able to see the three creatures she had seen already making their way to meet him. The three of them had similar appearances with the exception of a slight difference in skin tone. None of the three had any hair on their bodies from what you could make out and appeared to have enlarged front teeth. The creatures were moving at the two adventurers at a fairly fast pace, being that they were on all fours. Thanks to Marta's forewarning of the creatures though, they were not able to get the jump on the party like they very well could have!


1 · by TopSlayer117 · 11. Mar 2019 15:27 · rolls: 2 · changed: 11. Mar 2019 21:22
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)   #2 1d20+2 = 9(7 + 2)  

“Here they come!” She would say as she braced for battle.

Initiative: 1d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)

Greater 15: 1d20+2 = 9(7 + 2)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 11. Mar 2019 18:24 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+1 = 16(15 + 1)  

Akhev would hold his club at the ready, his left hand cackling with a bit of electricity as he prepared himself. "Stick to what you know best an take advantage of each others strengths!" He would shout to his comrades.

Initiative: 1d20+1 = 16(15 + 1)

((FYI My AC is now 15 for the next minute with Shield being in effect))

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 11. Mar 2019 21:17 · rolls: 2 · changed: 11. Mar 2019 21:19
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)   #2 d20+3 = 17(14 + 3)  

Enemy initiative!: d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)

Greater 15!: d20+3 = 17(14 + 3)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 12. Mar 2019 03:49 · changed: 12. Mar 2019 04:51

Akhev would delay his action until he was able to gather more info about these creatures. "Valtrya, I will stay back and let you engage them first an then decide my next course of action."

((Delaying until Valtrya takes her turn))

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 12. Mar 2019 16:04 · rolls: 2 · changed: 12. Mar 2019 16:08
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+1 = 17(16 + 1)   #2 d20+1 = 13(12 + 1)  

As Akhev and Valtyra ready themselves for combat, the three creatures would make their way over to them with haste, baring their fangs and hissing loudly! The first creature would move up to Valtyra and attempt to bite her!

Bite: d20+1 = 17(16 + 1)

Its teeth making a loud clang as they bounce off her shield!

The second creature would also move up next to its brethren and attempt to bite Valtyra as well!

Bite: d20+1 = 13(12 + 1)

Its teeth meet with her armor this time and it chitters angrily!

The third creature would move up behind the second creature and simply hiss at their new enemies for the time being.

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 12. Mar 2019 17:06 · rolls: 2 · changed: 12. Mar 2019 17:09
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+5 = 23(18 + 5)   #2 1d8+3 = 4(1 + 3)  

“You monsters will have to try harder than that if you want to get through my armor!” She would then swing her sword at the creature that attacked her first.

Attack 1d20+5 = 23(18 + 5)

Damage 1d8+3 = 4(1 + 3)

1 · by Kinnon17 · 12. Mar 2019 19:38 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+1 = 6(5 + 1)  

Akhev would then take a sidestep to get a better angle to attack the same creature that Valtrya had just struck. "Strike my foe before me, Jolt!"

Attack(Ranged Touch): 1d20+1 = 6(5 + 1)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 12. Mar 2019 21:50 · rolls: 6 · changed: 13. Mar 2019 21:19
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)   #2 1d6 = 4(4)   #3 1d6 = 6(6)   #4 d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)   #5 d20+1 = 14(13 + 1)   #6 d20+1 = 4(3 + 1)  

As Valtyra's sword stroke would come down upon the first creature, she would feel her sword cut deep into the creature's flesh and bone! The creature cries out in pain and it's brethren would screech at the two adventurers, more agitated than ever!

Attack roll: d20+4 = 16(12 + 4)

Damage: 1d6 = 4(4)

Sneak Attack Damage: 1d6 = 6(6)

Creature roll to stabilize!: d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)

It Stabilizes!

Before Akhev would make his next move, the two of them would hear the creature in the rear how in pain and see it collapse to the ground! Behind it, a hooded individual would be standing, their sword covered with the creature's blood!

"Huh, they went down easier than I thought. Hurry it up you two, that's one, there are still these two to deal with!"

Akhev and Valtyra would know the individual's voice to be that of Marta! It looks like she kept her end of the deal and flanked the creatures to prevent their escape as well as assist in taking them down!

Seeing its brother be attacked and most likely killed by a new enemy, the second creature would turn to face the new attacker!

Attack to Marta: d20+1 = 14(13 + 1)

Marta would deftly dodge its attempt!

The first creature would continue to bite at Valtyra, more ferocious than before!

Attack to Valtyra: d20+1 = 4(3 + 1)

It's teeth would bounce off of Valtyra's armor, not even leaving a mark!

1 · by TopSlayer117 · 13. Mar 2019 21:26 · rolls: 2 · changed: 13. Mar 2019 21:39
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+5 = 22(17 + 5)   #2 1d8+3 = 7(4 + 3)  

Valtyra would swing at the first creature with her blade again.

Attack 1d20+5 = 22(17 + 5)

Damage 1d8+3 = 7(4 + 3)

1 · by Timmeh1024 · 13. Mar 2019 21:46 · rolls: 1 · changed: 13. Mar 2019 21:46
Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2-1 = 5(4 + 2 - 1)  

As Valtyra again brings her sword down upon the first creature, she feels it strike true once again! The creature screeches in agony as it falls to the ground!

Check to Stabilize!: d20+2-1 = 5(4 + 2 - 1)

The first creature begins to bleed out!

1 · by Kinnon17 · 13. Mar 2019 22:46 · rolls: 1
Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+1 = 7(6 + 1)  

Akhev would see that the creatures aren't quite as tough as they appear to be but wouldn't put his weapons away just yet as he tried once more to Jolt the remaining one!

Attack: 1d20+1 = 7(6 + 1)

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Rolls in this post: #1 d20+2 = 19(17 + 2)   #2 1d6 = 4(4)   #3 d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)   #4 1d6 = 6(6)   #5 d20+2 = 5(3 + 2)  

Akhev's spell would hit the ground just behind the creature, Causing some rocks to fly up in the air and harmlessly land on its backside before falling back down to the ground.

"We really gotta have you work on your aim!" Marta would call back to her companion.

"Now, time to take care of you!"

Marta would bring both her short swords down upon the creature, attempting to finish it off before it can hit her!

Attack #1: d20+2 = 19(17 + 2)

Damage: 1d6 = 4(4)

Attack #2: d20+2 = 15(13 + 2)

Damage: 1d6 = 6(6)

The third creature cries out in pain, falling to the ground before Marta's feet!

Roll to stabilize!: d20+2 = 5(3 + 2)

It begins to bleed out!!!

Now, with all three of these creatures lying unconscious on the ground, two of them continuing to dye slowly, our party seems to be out of the woods so far! Will they allow for the stable creature to continue to live, or will they kill it where it lies along with its brethren?!

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+8 = 20(12 + 8)  

Akhev would rub the back of his head as he smiled weakly; she was right honestly, he even had a hard time against standing targets in training too. "W-Well, we can focus on that later. For now, let me quickly inspect this creature and take down notes on it before you kill it. So that way, we can better combat them in the future." He would say as he pulled out his journal and would write down in it the descriptions of these monsters. He would work on making a map of the current floor they were on when they would start heading back from their expedition.

((Full Round Action))

Knowledge Dungeoneering: 1d20+8 = 20(12 + 8)

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Rolls in this post: #1 1d20+5 = 24(19 + 5)   #2 1d8+6 = 9(3 + 6)   #3 1d8+6 = 12(6 + 6)   #4 2d8+6 = 16(4 +6 + 6)  

Veltyra would walk over to one of the creatures that Akhev wasn't studying, "Thank you Iomedae for guiding my sword and my shield in this fight. May this creature find peace in the afterlife.", she would then coup de grace.

Damage: 2d8+6 = 16(4 +6 + 6)

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