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new player looking for group

lucy1235 · Jul 05th 17:26 by Cfine · 7

hi, I am looking for a group to roleplay with. I'm in eastern time zone and if you could please be in eastern time zone

1 · by Fantascey · May 03rd 18:05

what times would you be available?

1 · by lucy1235 · May 04th 15:49

any time except sunday morning

1 · by DungeonMasterJake · May 07th 09:32

We have a New Zealand group but usually play late for our time so its usually early afternoon eastern time. Im an experienced DM and all the players in our game we are about to start are completely new to the game aswell. Feel free to PM me if youre interested

1 · by lucy1235 · May 07th 15:19

i´ll try and join

1 · by napercuck · May 11th 02:41
1 · by TheVirtuoso · May 11th 03:31

Is this still up to join?

1 · by Cfine · Jul 05th 17:26

I want to join but I am in the west coast usa.

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