Tavern - Need players for murder mystery roleplay


Need players for murder mystery roleplay

Tryagaingaming · 10. May 2018 22:49 by TheVirtuoso · 12

This is a new idea I'm trying in discord. Basically, there will be a party of people (I'm hoping for around 8), with one person secretly being a sociopathic killer. Each night (takes place in real time) the killer will stab one person in the dark, with a dc 10 check to see if they survive. During the day, members of the party may search for evidence and discuss said evidence, trying to find and stop the killer. I'm hoping to run this on discord, so message me if you are interested.

Discord username; tryagaingaming963 #5041

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 23. Apr 2018 20:55

I would like to join. But could you announce the setting here?Like what era will we play on and if we can choose characters or if they are already present for us to choose from.Will there be progression?Like becoming better at stuff as we use them more and more?

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 24. Apr 2018 04:13

Setting (time and place); I'm planning for it to take place inside a large castle in the medieval age., with plenty of secrets to help both the killer and the investigators

Characters; you may build your character as you wish, with one exception... spells like identify, which make it so no check is needed in determining the nature of evidence, are banned. Can't make it too easy

Progression; this will be the interesting part. Every day, a person may check 5 rooms for evidence, or investigate 5 pieces of evidence for clues, or a combination of both. Each time a person interacts with a piece of evidence, and each time a person returns to a room, they have a better chance of finding something, shown by a cumulative +1 to a check in said room or upon said object(s). However, if a room is irrelevant, holds no more evidence, or has been "cleaned" (an action the killer can take instead of killing; removes all suspicious/incriminating evidence from a room) there may be no clues found, or those found can be "red herrings" (basically, a clue that isn't relevant and holds no place in the investigation, only meant to distract and confuse the investigators)

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 24. Apr 2018 04:15

And as for regular progression, i.e. leveling up, just know that you can't just invest in wis and int and expect to win every time. There are some secrets that are a bit more dangerous, but can solve a greater mystery surrounding the castle

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 24. Apr 2018 07:47

And how excacly will the murder play? Will you (the game master i assume) take his place? Also i indeed am intrested in joinning, should i talk to you through discord or will you post the day and time the game will take place here?

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 24. Apr 2018 11:16

Also, does it include any form of combat? Like how does one terminate someone he thinks is the murder? And can we defend ourselves from the assassin somehow?By special items maybe?Special actions?Or is it all left for the dice to decide?

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 24. Apr 2018 11:25

And i am new to this, i have no idea how your rules are and if they are simular to D and D.(Never Played DnD) Could you teach and explain to me how it works here or in discord or whenever and wherever you wish ? Or is it better if I get DnD experiences first?

1 · by Tryagaingaming · 24. Apr 2018 13:17

Honestly, the system is one I have come up with, based on 5e d&d. As for the other questions, there are actions you can take to hinder the murderer (locking your door, remaining awake, hiding, etc.) That will make it more difficult to be killed. As for regular combat, it can be initiated between any two players, but unless one is the killer, it will never end in a death, just incapacitation, preventing any actions for the rest of the day. How the killer plays is by posting regular actions into the actual server, and sending anything that would give him away to me, privately. Same with the preventive measures the investigators take

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 24. Apr 2018 15:47 · changed: 24. Apr 2018 15:50

I can't find you on discord with that username.


Ok I found you. The space between name and code number must go away.

1 · by lucy1235 · 30. Apr 2018 15:18

sounds fun can i join

1 · by Xeroxnapiso · 02. May 2018 09:52

New here in rolz Ohh I like the setting can I join.. wait is this text based? Or voice a bit confused

1 · by TheVirtuoso · 10. May 2018 22:49

Imma join my dude, made a new discord Hyunsu#7915

1 · by TheVirtuoso · 10. May 2018 22:49

It's me Karl O/

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