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My pen and paper dice roll RP(Roleplay).

PhantoniusWar · 16. May 2018 18:09 by PhantoniusWar · 14

Long Text Warning!!!


•I will post on Looking For Groups an other forum to be posting the days and time a game will be up. There will go all ideas you or I have for communicating with eachother and keeping contact as well.

•I will post on Roleplay a forum for starting equipment rolls, character formulas and in general game data that might be interesting or help in creating a character and understanding the game.


Greetings! I am Phantonius War and i wish to introduce to everyone my purely 100% made by me RP game.

First of all I wish to make clear that yes indeed I am new to Rolz and yes indeed I made the whole game myself (It might be simular to what you play i have no idea but i made this one myself), as such I require some help and feedback to know what you guys think of this and if you would like to try it sometime...

Sadly though i am a european citizen and as I saw in the news of the site Rolz might get blocked in europe??? Have no idea about whether I will be blocked or not but i will post this anyway just in case.

So, on to the game then...

Game's Summary:

The game takes place in a very complex medieval-like fantasy world that many creatures and factions live in, the players must create their characters, skills, abillities from nothing according to whatever they please whether that's from historical tales or reality itself, you can be a vampire, a human, an orc, you can be everything you wish, everything. Then as your very own character and role you embark on adventures for glory, reputation, loot and whatever it is one wishes with a party of others.

Eveyone is unique:

Every single race and faction has its own benefits, drawbacks, culture and objectives, some of the races are already with completed rule sets and everything but others will be created constantly according to what the players wish and if I let my creativity take control of me.

Equipment and loot / Dice and risks:

Deep equipment depth with armor for: Head, Chest, Legs. Utillity Stuff: Rings, Traps, Potions...

Medieval Weapons: Historical, Magical, from Fantasy....

After a player creates the character he wishes he will get to do starting equipment dice rolls which will award him with his first equipment pieces.

Don't worry, every equipment has its use and depth of abilities, example:

Plate Armor: (100 Armor = Acts like a second health, Prevents Elemental Damage / 20% Bounce off Ranged or Slash Damage = 20% chance to completely ignore armor damage from Ranged and Slash type damage. HOW IT WORKS = 1d10 = ignores damage on rolling 1 and 2.)

Simple Clothes: (0 Armor, 30% not to trigger traps = Because cloth is lightweight and soft, 40% Avoid = Avoids Damage Completely because cloths are lighter thus providing agility and confidense at dodging.)

Holding Notes / Stability of power:

Notes will be required to keep track of the character stuff and any notes the player wishes to keep. That must be done with just a real notepad, or a digital app one.This Notepad though must be held and not deleted because the character you have can be pernament if you wish.

Yes, you can take the same character in every adventure and contineu improving him from the point of progress he already gained. This will lead to some party members being overpowered or underpowered but the game works with a lot of mechanics to stabilize it.

The enemies will be always the same, no scaling of stats, an Giant Spider for instance will have the same health and damage output no metter how improved the party characters are, the party characters will never upgrade to an unreal level that will make them overpowered or undepowered for the enemy, restrictions of bonuses are also there to help like that 40% Avoid on cloth could be the max ammount of Avoid you can get to keep it balanced.


Events like traps, loot, choices will come up that will require the player to act as he wishes and/or just roll dice.

This game works with the help and contribution of everyone:

As the adventure progresses choices and events will happen that will require players to advice eachother and come toghether to an action they will do or a decision they will make. Those decisions have influence in everything, they can even change the world of the game.


Character creation does take some time and in general the game works as fast and as correctly the game master acts and thinks (Of course how the players behave too) which means that yes there can be mistakes, sometimes the game master will require time to make rolls and calculations or sometimes there will be things you might find unfair but everybody has the right to change rules, statuses and mechanics or results of choices if they can explain a good reason for the change to make everyone agree with it.

After all this game is heavily based entirely on the game master and his skill to deliver intresting events and contineu the story as he must and as the players have curved it every second without getting help. Except if the game master prepares everything before the game. The only game master for this game is me as i am the only one having everything relevant to the game stored. If the game I made gets popular and someone wishes to represent it as game master I will see what I can do. With diffrent game masters diffrent world progression will be a problem but as long as we keep contact and share data we will be fine.

Tell me what you think, if you have intrest in helping me or playing the game. Just post it here and I will see how we can make it happen.

If I cant use the site anymore as said at the start then I will probably not answer. I will be checking the forum every weekend mostly so I should answer quickly, if not then you know what probably happened.

This thread is curated by ToranWoodstock.

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 11. Apr 2018 16:53

Current factions that players can interact with:

  • Mutants:High damage resistance/Variaty of attacking ways
  • Orcs:Good damage resistance/Basic damage outputs/Hordes
  • Humans(Hause Ornell):Good armor/good shields,swords,bows
  • Humans(Hause Trifilon):Excellent polarms,spears/Good Cavalry
  • Infected:High health/Very poisonous/Massive bosses

Coming soon factions:

  • Humans(Clan Kaitatsu):Weak vitality/Good Ranged ressistance /Very skilled
  • Humans(Hause Crystaly):Excellent armor/Excellent horses

/Excellent heavy cavalry/Very expensive stuff/Magical runes

/Very few

  • Ghosts: In the making...
  • Elemental Creatures: In the making...
  • Vampires: In the making...
  • The Witcherings: In the making...
1 · by PhantoniusWar · 11. Apr 2018 17:17

Update 2.0: Lordship mode/Faction Alegiance

  • Players can now gain reputation with factions.
  • Players can now (when in 100 reputation with the faction) pledge alegiance to the faction and join it.
  • Players can now gain ranks within a faction they pledged themselves in.
  • Players can now accept faction missions to do as they play with others.
  • Players now gain special benefits in different faction ranks.
  • The highest faction rank now unlocks 'Lordship mode'.
  • In special missions with lordship mode(Lordship unlock required to play) players can hold their own land and build on it,

they can hold their own army and custumaze it, they need to pay upkeep for what they have lordship over and finally they can defend their lands from siege, siege something, ally with other players on lordship or make war with them. (Note: When a player is sieged by npc factions that player plays the Lord and the others can choose to be a soldier in the Lord's army or can lead their own armies to defend with the Lord or support the npc sieger/same happens if a Lord player sieges npc.)

Coming soon:

  • Determining positions of each faction in the world and creation its holdings.
  • Npc Lords in faction holdings.
  • A capital controlled by the faction leader.
1 · by PhantoniusWar · 11. Apr 2018 17:51

Updated Equipment 2.0:

  • Added quality system.
  • Players now roll a quality 1d10 roll when they obtain equipment.
  • Quality works like this = 1d10=6 that means your equipment has room for 6 status boosts raising by +6 with each. In a weapon this can be 6× Damage upgrading which will result in 6×6=+36Damage.

An other example : 1d10=3 That means your equipment can be boosted 3 times with a +3 each. Upgrades can be spread out too. That means this can happen = A quality 3 weapon can get 2×3=6+Damage and 1×3=+3%Parry Chance(Parry=Blocks All damage with weapon and counter attacks freely withought using his turn but with no specials=Critical dmg/Poison....) or the upgrades can be spread out and contributed in the weapon as the player wishes.

1 · by Ekin · 11. Apr 2018 22:34

This is very intriguing! I am interested!

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 12. Apr 2018 09:55 · changed: 02. May 2018 15:27

How Combat/Specials Work 1.0:

Weapon Example:

  • Trifilian Longsword: (50 S, 70 P, Armor Pen)(40% Parry, 40% 5 Bleed)

Stats analysis:

(50 S, 70 P)= The weapon has 2 attack modes. A cut which deals a max of 50 slashing damage and a thrust that deals a max of 70 piercing damage.

(40% Parry)= The weapon is swift enough to give the player a 40% (1d10= success on 1,2,3,4) chance to parry an incoming attack and sticking with a free counterattack imidiatly after but without using any specials.

Specials analysis:

(Armor Pen)= The weapon penetrates armor bypassing armor completely and sticking directly on health if the max P=Piercing damage is achieved on damage dealt roll. That means only when rolling 70 P damage this happens while using Trifilian Longsword. Yes it deals 70 damage to health but this is realistic because Armor Pen is a special thing happening rarely and it's ment to be fearsome, it also encourages players to boost and get other defensive stats than purely Armor. It also keeps balance when fighting opponents with heavy armor.

(40% 5 Bleed)= The weapon can inflict bleeding slash wounds. This is possible only when using the S=Slash attack of the weapon. Every hit on health that deals S damage from this weapon has 40% chanche to make a bleeding wound and roll the 5 Bleed (1d5=Additional Damage to health). Armor prevents the Bleeding wounds and negates any Bleed specials damage you can take as long as it holds. That means fighting armored opponents with slashing weapons and S attacks is less effective just like as in the reality of the medieval ages.

Combat rolls example: Player with a Trifilian Longsword versus a...

Hard - Crystalian Swordsman:

150 Health 150 Armor (20% Bounce off R/S)


  • Crystalian Longsword: (100 S, 70 P)

(Armor Pen, 20% Crit, 20% Parry)

  • Crystalian Kite Shield: 200/200


  • Your Turn
  • You thrust
  • enemy chooses and not block with shield and roll parry (1d10=4)Parry failed.
  • You thrust for (1d70= 45 Damage)
  • 45 Armor damage.

(The game master keeps track of the currently engaged enemy's stats in a notepad and as such does 150-45=105 and corrects the enemies Armor to 105. Then announces how much Armor is left...)

  • 105 Armor remains.
  • Enemy Turn.

The enemy turn:

Enemies are mostly played by the game master but anyone can say in the chat that he wishes to play this enemy turn or this enemy till it dies or the combat ends. Of course the player that chooses to play the enemy will have to play his characters turn as well and this also happens for the game master if he wishes to play a character inside the party too.

Fair or unfair:

Unfair events and enemy behaviour that benefits or overhelms intentionally one of the players is possible because I believe it's ok for hardships on a player to appear now and then and the same goes for benefits,gains and reward, but of course with restrictions. The player that is overhelmed must be able to sucessfuly recover somehow or with the help of his allies. For reward the dice will keep things balanced.

If the benefits or hardships go on an unplayable level that hurts the fun and interest in the game for ANY player or the gamemaster a solution that everyone agrees should be created.

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 12. Apr 2018 10:15

Update 3.0: Magic/Magical Runes.

  • Magic is added.
  • Magical equipment including runes added in starter rolls.
  • To be able to use magic you will need Mana and Spells.
  • Mana can be obtained by gaining a magical equipment or using quality upgrades in magical equipment to increase Mana.
  • 1 Spell can be created with each magical object obtained or by using a quality upgrade. (Always +1 Spell per upgrade)
  • Magical equipment quality is a max 5 to keep balance.
  • Spells have quality upgrades as well but the higher their quality, the more mana they consume on casting.
  • Mana regens after combat.
  • The spells are created entirely by the player and then they get voted up or down by the game master and players. If they get voted down the player has to make changes for better balance.
  • Runes are magical objects with max quality 5 that can aid with any status on a character regardless of whether he wishes Mana or flat out Armor or Damage increase.
1 · by PhantoniusWar · 12. Apr 2018 10:24


  • I will post on Looking For Groups an other forum to be posting the days and time a game will be up. There will go all ideas you or I have for communicating with eachother and keeping contact as well.
  • I will post on Roleplay a forum for starting equipment rolls, character formulas and in general game data that might be interesting or help in creating a character and understanding the game.
1 · by PhantoniusWar · 13. Apr 2018 13:57

Update 4.0: Mounts.

  • Mounted Units for some factions have been added.
  • Players can now have mounts.
  • Mounts have their own stats.
  • Mounts are used for manouverabily in battle and outside battle.
  • Mounted will be able to surpass in speed almost everything on foot.
  • Mounted units gain the ability 'Mounted Charge'. Mounted charge originaly gives a flat ×2 damage when it sucessfuly strikes. The ×X multiplier changes according character or mount traits.
  • Mounted charge can be initiated immediately when a visible target in the RP is present. When already in combat with a target to initiate mounted charge the unit has to disengage combat (1 turn), prepare to charge (1 turn) and then initiate the mounted charge on it's next turn. The target can counter the mounted charge by charging on the unit within the 2 turns spend to disengage and prepare the mounted charge. Thus, mounted charge is best used when more party members are engaged with the target to prevent the target from countering it.
  • Certain mounts can attack on their own but when someone rides them only one gets the turn, the rider or the mount. If the rider dismounts when in combat (1 turn spend defensless=no defense rolls to dismount) the mount can become (if the rider wishes) a friendly npc that joins the fight. The mounts turn is played by the rider.
  • In combat when encountering mounted units both the rider or the mount can be aimed when attacking.
  • If the rider is killed the mount runs away scared.
  • If the mount is killed the rider gets violently dismounted meaning he rolls a 1d100 (Direct health damage) for dismounting damage and loses his mount.
  • The mount has no defense rolls, only if it has a rider with defense rolls it can defend itself. If an attacker aims the mount while a rider is on it the mount rolls the riders defensive rolls.
  • Mounts are not in starting equipment. Mounts are obtained as rewards or can be bought from stables of towns or faction fiefs.
1 · by PhantoniusWar · 02. May 2018 16:16 · changed: 02. May 2018 16:18

Update on the game in general:


The game has evolved a very complex and strong combat system baring historical and realistic technics from the medieval ages with the fantasy touch of magical warfare as well.

From your armor bounching off certain types of attacks to huge variation of defensive manuevers like static blocking, parry and counterattack to avoiding strikes when dodging.

The game carries a vast ammount of offensive abilities too, like changing weapon stances mid-combat to use each weapon diffrently and get diffrent results, the interrupt strike to suprise enemies while in winding up stage and the fearsome and cunning feinting technic.

This is not all...because magic comes in to play. Fearsome powers, heals, blasts, mana leaching abilities, mind control, elemental powers..this is all out war. But....the best part is....that you have 100% control over what spells you can do!! You create your own spells!!!

Thousands of approches in combat to make each turn count.

Equipment to prepare for battle before it even begins....but wait....isnt that too overpowered??? For your friendly neighborhood little goblin it might be....but are you ready to meet the othes???Armies of unfortunate creatures turned from a great plauge...huge beasts made of mutated wildlife...skilleful masters of the blade....guardians of the weak turned againist eachother.....bloodthirsty vampires....the underground cult....the small yet brilliant inventors of mass destruction.....the tyrants of the shadows??

The factions introduction will be soon published. Pre-order now and get the 10 DLCs for free!! Just kidding, I had fun making all this if anyone ever wonders why and i will probably contineu improving this game if everything goes well.

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 08. May 2018 07:54 · changed: 08. May 2018 08:02


Well, bad news, it seems i will get blocked from accessing Rolz according to the last update on the forum about EU access. I do visit Rolz from germany's internet services so its almost 100% sure i will get blocked.

The progress of the roleplaying system and game I made will be halted here. I have no idea if I will ever get access here again, so prepare for the worst case which is that the game stays dead and never gets to be played.

I will probably store everything to personal data storages with the hope I can resume here one day, but I don't know if I will have the free time or moral to contineu when that happens and if it happens.

You can all still contact me through the discord server I hope but I don't think I will continue with the game there because I need forums to publish game mechanics and dice rolls for the game to work, discord has nothing of these except if i download dice rolling BOT systems and fill text rooms with huge chunks of text to explain the game which I don't think its a very good idea. I might try it if more join my discord but it might get chaotic.


1 · by udo · 08. May 2018 14:17

Hey Phantonius, sysop here. Sorry about the German geoblock. After meeting with three lawyers now, it's clear that there is nothing I can do as an individual to be safe from legal harassment, the mere act of operating a website with user accounts is fraught with liabilities. Since even lawyers don't really seem to know how the GDPR / DSGVO will be implemented in practice I have decided to mitigate the risk by making Rolz inaccessible from Germany, with maybe other EU countries to follow if/when details about their specific implementations come into view. Given Germany's history with for-profit complaint law firms, it seems inevitable that they'll go after sites like Rolz, and since I'm doing this as a hobby there is just no way for me to absorb these costs.

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 08. May 2018 16:27 · changed: 08. May 2018 16:53

Hello Sysop/Udo, I understand completely and agree with the reason you had and the choice you made that led to the geoblock, no worries.

Any idea or plans on when it will be activated or take affect?

(I will add the question in the correct forum for this too)

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 09. May 2018 09:41


Well, good news :D , one of my friends in the Discord server has contacted me and offered to be the one that will transfer stuff regarding to the game I will send to him and post them here when I get blocked.

A big thank you and credit to him. His name is Toran Woodstock.

I will contineu the game with his help and the games will take place in the now dice rolling BOT enchanted discord server!!

The link to join is in one of the above messages. The server will change, get configured and become optimised for the purpose of RP.

1 · by PhantoniusWar · 16. May 2018 18:09


Finally done with the database, only race creation and the discord server organisation now. I will post a new forum for the races and then we can all join the discord server and play.


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