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How can I get into DnD?

Rurgak · 26. Aug 2017 14:38 by Rurgak · 2

Hey folks. So I've always wanted to try DnD but nobody I know is even into warhammer like me let alone DnD. How would I go about trying to find a way to play? Do I need to purchase books etc first? Thanks in advance to anyone that replies to this.

1 · by EldurGalanodel · 26. Aug 2017 02:49

I suggest heading over to and find a game session to join. Adventurer's League is set up so you bring your character around to different "tables" (all listings are for virtual [online] games, but you can find a local game shop and join a game there

More info about Adventurer's League:

This link includes pdfs for the 5th Edition D&D Player's Handbook and Basic Rules, so no need to buy the books to play. The DM should take care of the rest.

1 · by Rurgak · 26. Aug 2017 14:38

Thankyou EldurGalanodel. I shall look into them.