Server Outage

udo · 05. Mar 2017 05:30 · 0

Hey people, I just wanted to apologize for the server outage on Saturday. I know it's the second time this has happened within a few weeks, I promise to be more careful in the future.

Warning: techo-babble ahead! I need to update the server system regularly, and that's what I'm doing about once a month. This server is based on openSuSE Linux and it's usually quite stable. It used to be enough to restart the programs that have been updated, but recently this has become kind of tricky: after a system update, Rolz looks perfectly fine. Then I go to bed and wake up to 10 emails letting me know that we're offline. I usually need to do a full system restart to fix this recently, since both NginX and PHP-FPM tend to go into a state where they're half-broken (which is way worse than fully broken) and just restarting their processes doesn't help.

Long story short, I'll probably have a scheduled system restart every month (shouldn't take more than a few minutes).