Tavern - D&D 5e Campaign! Players Needed! 4 Slots Open!


D&D 5e Campaign! Players Needed! 4 Slots Open!

ipsyfider · 23. Feb 2017 02:51 by hibikuKaze · 4

I need players for my adventure, Vernon's Pride. Vernon is an NPC you really needs your help to get back something of his. And that something of his is very, very important. There are 4 slots open, so go ahead and sign up!

P.S. I'm sort of new to D&D, so I don't know how to cast spells.

1 · by Nimlouth · 17. Feb 2017 23:22 · changed: 17. Feb 2017 23:24

Are you still interesten on this? I am an experienced player and I also have a character already rolled :p

1 · by Unicorn666 · 18. Feb 2017 12:01

Is this still alive? If so, I would love to join! I am, kind of, new to D&D as well. Just got down the basics and got an understanding of the character sheets.

1 · by Nimlouth · 22. Feb 2017 19:02

looks like it's not... I would DM but my narrative skill is going to be limited by my handling of the language (Not and english native speaker) so I just prefer to be PC at the time. I'm a pretty experienced player tho xd

1 · by hibikuKaze · 23. Feb 2017 02:51

Mind if I join I'm a noob but I really want to learn and enjoy the game.

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