D&D 5E

Ekin · Feb 25th 00:46 by DarknessReborn100 · 13

Hey, looking for a group to do a text based adventure on ROLZ. If you're interested, let me know whether you'd like to DM a sorta game like this or just play a game like this as well. Also mention the days of a normal week you'd be willing to play. This could be just 1 to 4 hour sessions. Small adventures most welcomed.

1 · by CzmcPebblez · 19. Jan 2017 03:02

I would love to! just let me know what days to be on and ill do it.

1 · by EAE · 20. Jan 2017 21:19


1 · by Ekin · 20. Jan 2017 23:58

Awesome CzmcPebblez, would you like to DM?

1 · by CloverLeaf16 · 24. Jan 2017 20:05

i'd love to play, i prefer to play with a character but i can Dm if all character spots are filled.

1 · by Ekin · 25. Jan 2017 01:49

We will be making characters in our session 0 I believe.

1 · by CraneLordNeon · 01. Feb 2017 22:55

I am interested, I can also be a DM in necessary; have all the core books, extra books and paperback extensions and rules

1 · by Caboose · 02. Feb 2017 06:26

I'd like to join if possible, i'm quite the noob, never played before. I have the basics down and an open mind. I want to get into DM'ing but i'm afraid i know to little to properly try. So i figure i'd get to know the game better before trying. My schedule is, as of now very open. I am good for any day of the week and i prefer evenings/late evenings, however i am flexible.

1 · by jesse098089 · 10. Feb 2017 02:51

i have a question can druids animals attack

1 · by Ekin · 14. Feb 2017 05:12

Yes jesse, I would like to play mainly.

1 · by vodkara · 16. Feb 2017 09:39

can i join? i just a newb tho

1 · by Unicorn666 · 18. Feb 2017 12:03

I would love to join as well. I am kind of new to D&D however, just got down the basics and an understanding of the character sheets and whatnot.

1 · by hibikuKaze · Feb 23rd 02:55

if there's a slot open I'd love to join in!

1 · by DarknessReborn100 · Feb 25th 00:46

Depending on when I would be interested in joining as well. That is if this hasn't started yet and is still looking for players.

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