Tavern - conditionally roll extra die on next roll


conditionally roll extra die on next roll

bgravato · 05. Nov 2016 17:08 by Yorik · 2

I'm trying to do something similar to: attack [1d20 18-20=x2] damage [1d10]

But instead of multiplying the damage by 2 I want to add an extra die to the damage roll.

I've tried to do: attack [1d20 18-20=+1d10] damage [1d10]

But that adds the extra 1d10 to the attack roll instead.

Is there any other way to do this?


1 · by udo · 17. Jun 2015 16:13 · rolls: 2 · changed: 17. Jun 2015 16:14
Rolls in this post: #1 d20 5-20=x+d10 = 7(7) 7:1   #2 d10+d10 = 6(4 + 2)  

Yes, that's possible! If the character after the x is a math operator (+ - / *) the code following it will be appended to the next dice roll if the condition is triggered:

attack: d20 5-20=x+d10 = 7(7) 7:1 damage: d10+d10 = 6(4 + 2)

^ Here the condition was triggered and the extra d10 automatically applied (I made it 5-20 to make it more likely for the example).

1 · by Yorik · 05. Nov 2016 17:08

Sorry for asking in an old thread, but thought it went along with it.

It appears that the x is added to all rolls, not just the next roll. Example: [d20 5-20=x+d10] damage [d10] | If Advantage [d20]

If the condition is met, the d10 is being added to the damage roll and also the Advantage d20

Is it possible to only do the next roll, or use the variable x in the formulas?