Wiki tables

Nesturs · 01. Mar 2017 07:25 by DiceRollKing · 2

Our GM uses them (well, not exactly tables, but things that appear to have some resemblance with tables when you look at them very closely) quite a bit, and while structures like

Weapon|Range Increment|Damage roll|Price multiplier|Special qualities

Sling|3 hexes|d2|0.1|50% chance to deal nonlethal damage

Bow|4 hexes|d3|1.0|--

Heavy Crossbow|4 hexes|d4|2.5|Ignores half of enemy armor

are still readable, they do look messy. Is there any chance to get normal tables any time soon?

2 · by Para1973 · 22. Jan 2017 01:34
  1. d6
1 · by DiceRollKing · 01. Mar 2017 07:25

Gun. Use d10 for Gun, can ignore 3 quarters of enemy armor