Rolz stability

Andy50 · 07. Nov 2016 03:33 by udo · 11

Hey I've noticed that rolz has been having some stability issues. Do the servers need to be upgraded or is it something else entirely. Not sure if we can be of any help.

Also the ignore function seems to be broken.

2 · by udo · 26. Oct 2016 20:08

Sorry, I didn't check the forum for a while. I didn't notice anything on the server. Is this still an ongoing thing?

1 · by Andy50 · 06. Nov 2016 01:48

It's prone to "restarting" where it kicks everyone out and we all rejoin. It's started to do it occasionally for extended periods of time (it normally does it once). The servers even crashed during one of these instances. We would just constantly disconnect and reconnect from rolz. It's actually currently experiencing one of these seizures right now, it's been going on for about 20 minutes?

7 · by udo · 06. Nov 2016 02:14

I think one of the server's hard drives is broken, investigating

1 · by Andy50 · 06. Nov 2016 02:15 · changed: 06. Nov 2016 02:16

Sweet Thanks, German efficiency at its finest. Anyway really appreciate you making this vector for us to communicate.

1 · by Mazrick · 06. Nov 2016 02:18

Yeah, really do appreciate this udo! KNow you're not around very often, but I can't say how much I enjoy this site. Keep up the great work. =D

1 · by Usernames · 06. Nov 2016 02:19

Thanks Udo. But I can't upvote this. lack of mod points or something.

3 · by udo · 06. Nov 2016 02:20

Don't call it efficiency before it's resolved ;) Running a diagnostic tool now, it does seem like one of the hard drives in the array gave up the ghost

4 · by udo · 06. Nov 2016 02:23

Terribly sorry about this. Support in the data center is slotting in a new drive in a few minutes, the server _should_ stay up if everything goes to plan

1 · by Droman · 06. Nov 2016 05:57

You're a good egg, udo.

1 · by Rezuu · 07. Nov 2016 02:56

A lot of stability issues today it seems like. My whole group has been having their connection dropped frequently, a couple of times the site went down entirely. Are there still plans to address this issue?

1 · by udo · 07. Nov 2016 03:33 · changed: 07. Nov 2016 03:34

It seems the server is more badly broken than I thought. I might have to get a new machine and transfer rolz to that. If so, I'll try to schedule a reasonable maintenance window first... I'm still thinking about whether to order a new physical server (like this one) or maybe take Rolz to a cloud provider like DigitalOcean.

Anyway, the replacement hard drive restarted syncing, and it's at 4% now - the whole machine doesn't look particularly healthy (but hey, it lasted about 2 years)

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