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Design Tweaks - What do you think?

udo · 19. Aug 2017 21:46 by ninaa · 12

Continuing on our long road to having a reasonable website, I tweaked the design a bit. What do you guys think? Too much? Too little? Any bugs?

3 · by CannonGerbil · 02. May 2015 14:59 · changed: 02. May 2015 15:32

I really do not think the horizontal lines on windows that have text on them is a good design choice. I can't speak for everyone, but it's really disorientating for me, in the sense that reading text on that background for too long makes me feel nauseous. Even after the reduced opacity, it still gives me abit of a headache. Try perhaps increasing the width between the lines or turning it opaque.

Also, not really a fan of the text boxes turning piss yellow when typing, but that is personal preference

1 · by udo · 02. May 2015 15:25 · changed: 09. May 2015 01:40

Thanks for your input!

I still find the sensitivity to those very very faint lines odd, but of course causing people to puke their guts out wasn't the goal of the new design...

I hear ya about the text box highlight color - that's an unfortunate choice which will definitely be corrected.

Generally speaking, change always introduces friction, so it's unlikely I will ever come up with anything that isn't hated by some users ;) But we do need to move forward on the look&feel front as well. One of the most common reactions of new users coming here is "this looks really dated", "the site is straight from the nineties", and "wow, this looks weird". The most recent incremental design change might not be enough to alleviate this problem, but it's the start of a little bit of experimentation that will hopefully get us there eventually.

Because if we can't attract any new people, this place is hosed. And users do close a tab for no other reason than "I didn't like how it looked". The design around here drives people away, and I aim to change that.

2 · by CannonGerbil · 02. May 2015 16:55

Most of the other changes work, actually. The smart scaling for small resolution screens is something I've been wanting for quite some time, and most of the other design changes, while jarring in some ways, aren't unwelcome. The layout in particular is something that I like.

The horizontal lines are really the only issue I have with the new layout. It's less severe, but reading anything on it, however faint, still is quite disorientating. Can't explain precisely why that's the case, maybe I'm just conditioned to expect the lines to line up with text, but it is not a pleasant experience.

2 · by Raisin · 04. May 2015 14:38

I like it! It still feels the same, but it has its own personality, which is cool.

2 · by WizHat · 06. May 2015 03:42

I like the "new" look, kudos for modeling it closely on the old. I for one don't mind the "scanlines", in fact I can hardly see them at all. Of course, if someone actually get nausea from them... that might be worth reconsidering.

2 · by Krekian · 08. May 2015 15:22

I like the reddish brown bar at the top. Personally I do not like the horizontal lines in the background, not since it became that way. Kinda feels dirty. Like a dirty wall. Pardon my ineloquence.

Also you might want to make the registration bit more obvious? Bit too hidden in my opinion. Was trying to come post here through the dice rooms and such with a name and password combo and I was confused why I couldn't post. In the end I found the thing that led to the thing (this page : so all is well. Just some feedback.

1 · by udo · 08. May 2015 15:24

Okay, okay, I'm convinced, the horizontal lines will go away soon :) (but I liked them)

You're right about the registration. I didn't notice personally, because I access the forum through the dice rooms while logged in, but you're right.

Thanks for your feedback! :)

2 · by Zooboss · 08. May 2015 15:38

I like the new look. It feels much cleaner (for lack of a better word)

2 · by EtchedSteel · 09. May 2015 01:33

I already like the new "face" of Rolz. It looks omre organized and clean. :D

Well, most of the input has been said already, but I'll give mine once I get the chance to try from a cellphone.

1 · by udo · 09. May 2015 01:34

Thanks for your input guys! @Etched: mobile has fallen behind a bit again, I'll have to address this in a future update.

1 · by EtchedSteel · 10. May 2015 14:47

Looking at it after one week, rolz mobile displays the same as t

he desktop version. My biggest concern was if the tiny tabs where the login button is now still worked in a phone browser that doesn't support websockets. A happy surprise is to find out that's not the case.

Anyway, so far its working nicely and still love the new layout. Kudos on you, udo.

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