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Rolz Table

Rolz Table is a minimalistic virtual tabletop that comes with hundreds of built-in token images, a chat room, dice roller, initiative ledger, and two wikis (one is shared with the group, and the other wiki is private to the user/GM).
Dice Rooms

Dice Rooms are chat rooms that you can share with your RPG group while playing. In addition to the usual chat features, you'll also find dice roller functions, and a wiki.
Use Rolz dice roll commands directly in your Discord server! The Rolz Discord bot is now in beta/testing, available for Patreon supporters: Try the Discord Bot
Roll any Dice Code

Support Rolz

Hey there, my name is Udo and Rolz is my hobby project, a service that I provide free of charge. If you like Rolz, consider supporting me on Patreon! Any amount is appreciated!
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