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Created: 10. Sep 2015 11:03

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Feature Question/Feature Request

xyzzy · 19. May 2016 10:49 by udo · 6


I've been running a 2-player game using rolz, and so far, I very much like the convenience of easy, anonymous chat usage and simple, but powerful dice-rolling functionality.

However, as we had more and more sessions, a certain problem arised - I've had a very hard time managing my GM notes, especially the notes regarding the occurences during the sessions.

The chat log function helped immensely to organize my stuff, but I wonder if there is any way to automate the process of dumping the room logs into a text file of some sort?

If not, I'd like to request for such functionality to be implemented.

If you for some reason decide against implementing such functionality, I'm curious as to your reasoning regarding such a decision.

Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. Your site is truly a great help for people who just want to play a simple game without spending a lot of time on superfluous things like registration.

I hope that it will become something bigger than it already is.