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Zooboss · 04. Sep 2015 01:50 by yellowthroat · 24

Hello all. A large group of people from the Sufficient Velocity forums ( use rolz for our quests and RPs. So I'd like to say thanks on our behalf to Udo. Anyway, what I want to discuss is quests. What are they? Simply put, quests are stories written by the author/GM involving a single Player Character. The GM writes an update and leaves (an) option(s) for the players to vote on. Anyone reading the thread/story has the ability to vote and comment on the quest. When the GM is ready to write the update, they tally the votes and write the next update based on the results of the vote. New players are always welcome because there isn't really a limit of how many people can participate since actions are deciding by voting rather than for each player.

Here are some links to some quests that run on rolz:

The Mountain that Rises by Zooboss (A Song of Ice and Fire)


Rolz Room:

Taffy 3 - A Kantai Collection Quest - Off the Shores of The Sound by Dirtnap


Rolz Room:

The Dragon Reborn by Mazrick and Telamon (Wheel of Time)


Rolz Room:

Anyway, I think Quests are a great way of participating in multiple Stories/Games if you don't have the time for scheduling sessions with other people.

I hope some new players join the quests and maybe we'll see some new quests born from rolz.