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Formatting Dice Rolls

TCX0Lt0X · 02. Sep 2015 23:39 by udo · 1

Hello, I have been using the Dice roller and have found it amazingly useful for rolling the damage of my D&D3.5 characters (especially those high level characters with 6 to 10 different modifiers to damage that apply differently =P )

I had a few questions regarding formatting the String that the die roller outputs. Namely:

1) Is there any way to format the die roll+modifier out of the String and just display the result of the roll? For Instance, if I roll '1d20+5' I will get '1D20+5 => 23'. I want it to display just the result of that roll ('23')

2) Is there a way to format the die roll to start a newline in the resulting string, probably when rolling multiple dies. For example, if I roll 'repeat 2 1D20+5', I will get

repeat 2 1D20+5 => 14 ; 10

What I am looking for if it is possible to instead get

repeat 2 1D20+5 => 14

repeat 2 1D20+5 => 10

(Or something to that effect. Of course, it would be nice if I could combine this formatting with the one from the first Question.)

3) Is there a way to insert multiple comments into the string? For instance, if I do '1d20+5 #To-Hit ; 2d6+5 #Damage', Ill get '1D20+5 => 14

  1. To-Hit ; 2d6+5 #Damage'. Obviously everything after the hashtag appears to become a comment. I want it to be instead '1D20+5 => 14
  2. To-Hit ; 2d6+5 => 12 #Damage'

I am pretty positive from what I am seeing in the dice code doc that none of this is double as the code is, but I just want to make sure.

Thanks for any responses