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Thoughts on my dnd plot line and help to refine loose ends and fix potential game breaks

Sunsin · 19. Aug 2017 21:45 by ninaa · 6

This is a complete home brew story, the only other times I have Dm'd was the 5e lost mine of phandalver with a small group. I now am guiding a 7 person group with this new story, luckily our regular dm is a player and I feel safe asking him for help without him spoiling anything. Although I will be asking this dnd chat what they think and how to fix some ways for them to not break the game without bothering him to much.

The main story lands us at a small town called Tryme, the lords son has been called by the royal crown to slay a dragon that is residing on top of the peak that shadows the city. The king requested a member of Therolen's family to slay the dragon like their great-grandfather did on the very same peak. The son that was requested to go is named Albein, a pladadin who was to go serve the king once he mastered the royal knights training, and if he succeeds he is granted the hand of one of the younger princesses. His twin elder brother Asurisk will go with the team and see them off at the bottom of the mountain. When they make it up they will encounter a red dracolich, the dragon was forced into lichdom by a powerful sorcerer that leads the spirits of plague. (I am not expecting a long or deadly fight with the dracolich,) after a short scuffle I will have the dragon force them off an internal cliff inside the mountain,( a 100 die roll will see where they end up; 30, 45, 65 ft down or in an internal river that flushes them out the other side of the mountain)

That is what I have so far planned as a main plot, please critique it and help with any ideas to make it better and more refined. Thanks guys, Sunsin the fairy.