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Drawing cards?

ST · 13. Jun 2016 17:55 by udo · 2

I'm not sure if this is a question or suggestion, I tried to look if there's the functionality but I couldn't find it. So..

Is it possible to have a roll where you draw a random card (number) out of a stack? So, between 1 and 10, if one player draws 7, then the next player cannot draw 7 again. I had the players simply re-roll when they drew a duplicate, but it can get confusing really quickly. This would be useful for the games where the players draw from a stack of event cards, or when it is necessary to randomly assign players different things by lottery (positions, assignments, equipments, etc.).

Holding my sessions on Rolz since February. It's awesome to see the new features getting added every now and then; thanks for the great work!