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Created: 28. Jul 2020 18:40

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exploding dice based on equal digits help

REK0204 · 02. Oct 2020 20:08 · 0

I am having a heck of a time trying to get this to actually work. What I'm trying to do is something like the TARO for Tunnels and Trolls, where if you roll trips on 3d6, you add them and roll again. I don't expect to be able to truly do TARO, where if you roll trips on the second and subsequent rolls you continue adding, but as that's not likely, I am fine with that. I can't seem to get it to actually work when I roll trips the first time though. The roll code I used was "explode=digits 3d6". I rolled that multiple times, stopping and looking at the individual die values for each, until I saw a trip roll. I've hit several of those, but it doesn't seem to roll again and add, so no "exploding". Help, what am I doing wrong here?