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My pen and paper dice roll RP(Roleplay).

PhantoniusWar · 16. May 2018 18:09 by PhantoniusWar · 14

Long Text Warning!!!


•I will post on Looking For Groups an other forum to be posting the days and time a game will be up. There will go all ideas you or I have for communicating with eachother and keeping contact as well.

•I will post on Roleplay a forum for starting equipment rolls, character formulas and in general game data that might be interesting or help in creating a character and understanding the game.


Greetings! I am Phantonius War and i wish to introduce to everyone my purely 100% made by me RP game.

First of all I wish to make clear that yes indeed I am new to Rolz and yes indeed I made the whole game myself (It might be simular to what you play i have no idea but i made this one myself), as such I require some help and feedback to know what you guys think of this and if you would like to try it sometime...

Sadly though i am a european citizen and as I saw in the news of the site Rolz might get blocked in europe??? Have no idea about whether I will be blocked or not but i will post this anyway just in case.

So, on to the game then...

Game's Summary:

The game takes place in a very complex medieval-like fantasy world that many creatures and factions live in, the players must create their characters, skills, abillities from nothing according to whatever they please whether that's from historical tales or reality itself, you can be a vampire, a human, an orc, you can be everything you wish, everything. Then as your very own character and role you embark on adventures for glory, reputation, loot and whatever it is one wishes with a party of others.

Eveyone is unique:

Every single race and faction has its own benefits, drawbacks, culture and objectives, some of the races are already with completed rule sets and everything but others will be created constantly according to what the players wish and if I let my creativity take control of me.

Equipment and loot / Dice and risks:

Deep equipment depth with armor for: Head, Chest, Legs. Utillity Stuff: Rings, Traps, Potions...

Medieval Weapons: Historical, Magical, from Fantasy....

After a player creates the character he wishes he will get to do starting equipment dice rolls which will award him with his first equipment pieces.

Don't worry, every equipment has its use and depth of abilities, example:

Plate Armor: (100 Armor = Acts like a second health, Prevents Elemental Damage / 20% Bounce off Ranged or Slash Damage = 20% chance to completely ignore armor damage from Ranged and Slash type damage. HOW IT WORKS = 1d10 = ignores damage on rolling 1 and 2.)

Simple Clothes: (0 Armor, 30% not to trigger traps = Because cloth is lightweight and soft, 40% Avoid = Avoids Damage Completely because cloths are lighter thus providing agility and confidense at dodging.)

Holding Notes / Stability of power:

Notes will be required to keep track of the character stuff and any notes the player wishes to keep. That must be done with just a real notepad, or a digital app one.This Notepad though must be held and not deleted because the character you have can be pernament if you wish.

Yes, you can take the same character in every adventure and contineu improving him from the point of progress he already gained. This will lead to some party members being overpowered or underpowered but the game works with a lot of mechanics to stabilize it.

The enemies will be always the same, no scaling of stats, an Giant Spider for instance will have the same health and damage output no metter how improved the party characters are, the party characters will never upgrade to an unreal level that will make them overpowered or undepowered for the enemy, restrictions of bonuses are also there to help like that 40% Avoid on cloth could be the max ammount of Avoid you can get to keep it balanced.


Events like traps, loot, choices will come up that will require the player to act as he wishes and/or just roll dice.

This game works with the help and contribution of everyone:

As the adventure progresses choices and events will happen that will require players to advice eachother and come toghether to an action they will do or a decision they will make. Those decisions have influence in everything, they can even change the world of the game.


Character creation does take some time and in general the game works as fast and as correctly the game master acts and thinks (Of course how the players behave too) which means that yes there can be mistakes, sometimes the game master will require time to make rolls and calculations or sometimes there will be things you might find unfair but everybody has the right to change rules, statuses and mechanics or results of choices if they can explain a good reason for the change to make everyone agree with it.

After all this game is heavily based entirely on the game master and his skill to deliver intresting events and contineu the story as he must and as the players have curved it every second without getting help. Except if the game master prepares everything before the game. The only game master for this game is me as i am the only one having everything relevant to the game stored. If the game I made gets popular and someone wishes to represent it as game master I will see what I can do. With diffrent game masters diffrent world progression will be a problem but as long as we keep contact and share data we will be fine.

Tell me what you think, if you have intrest in helping me or playing the game. Just post it here and I will see how we can make it happen.

If I cant use the site anymore as said at the start then I will probably not answer. I will be checking the forum every weekend mostly so I should answer quickly, if not then you know what probably happened.

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