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I cant get the dice to act the way i want them to

Nara · 13. Jun 2015 08:54 by Nara · 3

The explode command is pretty close, but basicly here is what i want (its for a swedish role playing game, not sure if any other system uses it):

Any time a D6 comes up as 6, you take the original die and add a die, and then reroll both. If any of those become a 6, you take that die, add another and keep going.

So like

roll 2d6 = 6 + 6

take both dices, add 2 extra dices and reroll them all = 1 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 8.

So even tho you added extra dices, the outcome were lower. I only found commands to add an extra die to the already existing sum. I guess i have to do something like "every time a dice becomes 6, add +2 dice and subract -6" but im not sure how to make that keep it rerolling and im not sure what i should write in form of macro for it either :/

Thanks for all and any help!