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Created: 04. Mar 2018 20:15

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Long ago a prophecy spoke of a Demon, a creature born of two races.

Now the prophecy did not say what two races would give birth to this Demon, but to make sure this never came to pass an old king swore to spilt the kingdoms so that no breeding between the races would come to happen, but not all races agreed.

One race; The Dragons, they swore that their daughter would marry the human from their village, for duty to the king; and so they were wed, and not long after a child a human/dragon halfling was born to the proud parents, but fearing the prophecy that this would be the demon the parents cast their child away and never saw their son ever again. Little did they know that their son was not the one spoke of the prophecy, no it was an elfling and a gollem that sired the demon spawn.

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LordZerthin · 14. Mar 2018 06:37 by MysticalWatermelon · 3

This is the room where we shall meet!