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The Lost Mines Of Phandelver PTP

Kazimakie · Mar 20th 17:07 by JT04 · 2

This Campaign will be a Pay To Play, and will cost $3.00 a session per player. The Lost Mines Of Phandelver is renowned as one of the better campaigns out there, and is probably one of my personal favorites, i have successfully dm'd dozens of games, quite well i might add, and im looking for a new group, this is my first Pay to Play.

If you are intrested, Text me at 501-253-9474 or Email Me at [email protected] and even my Discord Kyron#7189. Thank You


My campaign

Kazimakie · Jan 15th 14:57 · 0

Kyruth's Artifact Copy and past those words, it is the Dice room. Id prefer only 4 ppl at once please.


Looking for players

Kazimakie · Aug 11th 01:04 by Valdus · 10

Hey, I'm doing a Homebrew and I'm in need of players, thanks!