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Created: 18. Feb 2016 16:04

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Hello all,

My name is David star and I'm one of the lead developers of a (Hopefully) Majorly successful game called Rise of Legends.

I am not alone in this My three best friends are helping me with this and we strive to be the best game out there.

Other things about me. Im 18 and go to Next Charter School. I live in New Hampshire U.S. I love to make breakthroughs in the game I'm help.

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Welcome, To a Rise of Armies: The Lost Legend

DavidStar · 07. May 2016 00:06 · 0

My name is David Star and I am developing a new Role Playing game with my friends and this is the official announcement of the charley release of the game. Consider this Early Access.

I've decided that it would be a good idea to post the link to the folder that we keep character information and instructions in. We would really like feedback on how we can better explain things in our rulebook. That would be very helpful.

Anywho I would like to ask for support from anyone.

My Skype Account Is Dave.otting.