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EU access

Buxon · Apr 27th 01:21 by 1234 · 8

"Update: due to the new EU data laws and guidelines, it may no longer be legal for me to allow EU citizens on this site since is a public web forum and as such can no longer be operated. I will confer with legal counsel about this, but as things are right now, access to Rolz from any EU country may be blocked starting in May."

I'm assuming that this is related to the GDPR? (

In what aspect of compliance are you particularly concerned that may no longer be able to operate?

I would be sad to lose access to The GDPR, for all it's scaremongering publicity (remember Y2K anyone?) should, on the whole, be a good thing for consumers. It shouldn't have an onorous impact on service providers who are responsible with, and not aiming to profit from, their users' data.

As an aside, I suspect that it is a model which will be followed soon in the US (if only because of lawyers seeing a way to profit from non-compliance...)