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Created: 07. Aug 2017 19:11

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I am a DM and player that loves homebrew and storytelling

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the demonic angel event starts now

Bartaxthesaiyan · 24. Aug 2017 21:25 by playtester · 4

the event has begun. the first quest of the event can be started by talking to a guard in the tavern at nightfall

the dark spider: criminals and outlaws have been found dead around town covered in some sort of black webbing. your job is to find the killer


coming soon to the demonic angel

Bartaxthesaiyan · 19. Aug 2017 21:44 by ninaa · 2

tonight a special event will start in "the demonic angel" . its going to have some short quests with difficult bosses, and it could affect the story. either in a small way, or have a massive impact on the world. this will be a MARVELous event.


The demonic angel quest

Bartaxthesaiyan · 19. Aug 2017 21:45 by ninaa · 1

I'm looking for people to join my D&D game the chat room is called the demonic angel not much has happened so far except that the first quest was started

The strange alliance; rid a local house of skeletons