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Created: 04. Jun 2017 21:56

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It is way too quiet in here

AlrenTheDungeonMaster · Nov 22nd 15:37 by Valdus · 4

we really need more people to join, it would be nice....


Introducing myself(hi I'm alren)

AlrenTheDungeonMaster · 09. Nov 2017 20:59 by AnderWindrriver · 21

Hey yall! my name is alren, 18 years of age, and I finally found the time to make myself an account on this blasted forum! I am a Dungeonmaster and a fullblooded nerd who overly enjoys tabletop rpgs and videogames, and has too much time on my hands. Let's be friends yall!

P.S. you are awesome for reading this,and even more so if you comment!