help: Rolz Tavern Forum

How to do text formatting

Click here: Wiki & Forum Text Formatting, for a detailed guide to the text commands supported by the forum.

Karma / Mod Points

Karma: every time another user likes a post of yours, your karma score goes up.

Mod: when you like a post or when you start a new thread, you will use a moderator point. They regenerate after a few minutes.

Curated Threads

When creating a thread, you can include the [curator] command in its text to highlight a set of people tasked with taking care of the thread. In a roleplaying thread, these might be the GMs. For example, if your nickname is "MrsCurator", you can designate a thread to you by using the command [curator MrsCurator]. To assign multiple curators, just include them after the first one, leaving a space after each name.


You can poll forum users with an empty set of square brackets followed by some text:


[] this is some option A

[] this is option B

...which will be rendered as

New poll (open):



You need to include the [poll] command code in your post, to enable actual voting. Users can write in their own options by using the [x] code in their following posts, like this:

[x] user option C

^ which will get amended to your original poll. When you want to close the poll again, edit the polling post and change [poll] into [poll closed]. After this, no more voting can take place on these options.