AlexanderTheGamer · 30. Jun 2016 13:13 by cut3bear · 3

Just how elaborate can we make macros?

I'd like to create a macro that will roll 3d6 six times, but if a roll ends up with 15+, the following roll is 2d6+2.

Is it possible?


Ideally, and I'm not a programmer, I'd like to do the following:

Roll Stats

  • is this the first roll?
  • -yes: roll 3d6
  • -no: was the previous roll >=15?
  • --yes: roll 2d6+6
  • --no: roll 3d6
  • repeat for 6 rolls
1 · by udo · 13. Jun 2016 17:52

Hey Alexander, Rolz does have macros, but they are just simple text substitution. To do something like this you would indeed need the ability to write a little program. I have been thinking about adding a user-accessible programming language to Rolz, but right now we don't have one. I think you have the following options:

  • write a tool for that yourself
  • wait until Rolz has a programming language
  • cook something up with the conditional roll commands (not sure if that's even possible though or worth the trouble)

What system is this, btw?

1 · by AlexanderTheGamer · 23. Jun 2016 21:49

The Black Hack.

1 · by cut3bear · 30. Jun 2016 13:13