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May '16: the State of Rolz

udo · 22. Dec 2017 03:04 by jason49 · 16

Hey there Rollers, this is going to be a short one but I wanted to keep everybody updated:

Due to work reasons, I didn't get to finish the tactical map, but it's still coming. I apologize to everyone who's been waiting for this during the recent months.

I have started working on new features again, thanks to everybody who wrote in with suggestions!

The biggest new feature is Google Hangouts integration: you can now start a Hangout directly from the dice room and the Hangout should then automatically start the new Rolz Hangouts app. As you invite other people to the same Hangout, they should also be directed to the same dice room. Let me know how this works out for you!

I'm also happy to report that Rolz didn't decline into nothingness in the face of big, commercial competition - it seems we have even gained a few users over the year. I'm going to take this as a good sign and invest more time into Rolz again.

Finally, thank you for all the people who helped out with donations via Paypal and Patreon: your donations go a long way to offset my server costs. Sadly, it's not enough to completely cover these costs, but every little bit helps! Thank you! <3


4 · by Overseer · 02. Jun 2016 04:28

Rolz rules.

YOU rule.

Thanks for allowing so many people to come together and roleplay online with convenience and style. You're the man.

2 · by Moggity · 11. Jun 2016 00:15

Thx a lot for your hard work!

2 · by Ekin · 19. Jun 2016 19:28

Thank you.

2 · by Cnaiur · 09. Jul 2016 23:53

I'm really impressed with all of the functionality Rolz already has, thank you for all of your hard work.

1 · by AlexKowalchuk · 27. Jul 2016 18:34

Sounds great.

1 · by bulmabriefs144 · 29. Jul 2016 20:05 · changed: 29. Jul 2016 20:09

Hey, if you want a tactical map, I made a default one, complete with gridline letters and numbers. The only thing is I'd want to somehow "pin" it so that it would be viewable at the top of Dice Rooms.

And to draw, add, move, erase stuff.

1 · by Flashfast45 · 16. Oct 2016 10:35


1 · by CandyGnomeKingdom · 29. Nov 2016 18:06

Thank you for Rolz!

We are starting up a 13th Age game soon-ish and plan to use and video conferencing. I love having a tool for rolling dice in a chat room that is simple/no frills enough to not overwhelm drop-in, new, or returning players. For faster game play, I am adding most dice roll formulas everyone needs right on their digital character sheet, so they can copy and paste on their turn as needed.

1 · by Andy50 · 07. Dec 2016 02:56

thanks for all the work you put in udo

1 · by Gareth · 13. Feb 2017 15:31

What an awesome site. Great work!

1 · by SilentWrangler · 14. Feb 2017 09:12

Hi udo! Could you please look into code that's running those nice shiny extra shortcuts? I'd like them to save across sessions...

1 · by DaBoyz · 17. Feb 2017 20:56

I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus of thanks. You've made a great place to both game and to shoot the breeze with other people here and I'm grateful for it. Hope things are alright on your end!

1 · by KwwB · 11. Mar 2017 23:00

10 months since the last news. Any new... news? :)

Great site BTW, just wish there were a few extra things you could do with the dice roller. I'm going to use in my game session tonight again to see how much it speeds up my combat rolling.

1 · by megarock1018 · 18. Dec 2017 09:48

it would be nice if it was implemented, its been a while

1 · by Ekin · 18. Dec 2017 17:58

Can I be a moderator? I would be a good moderator. Been using for a while now. I would help bring in more people.

1 · by jason49 · 22. Dec 2017 03:04

Is there a way to cheat a dice role

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