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Place Dice in Numerically Order?

Crawling_Chaos777 · 19. May 2016 10:51 by udo · 4

Example: If I roll a 10d10 and get a 6,8,3,1,8,5,10,3,5,10; I want them to appear in numerical order like 1,3,3,5,5,6,8,8,10,10. How would I do this?

1 · by Crawling_Chaos777 · 04. May 2016 21:11

Anyone? It would really be useful for any One Role Engine games like 'Monsters and Other Childish Things', 'Wild Talents', and the rest.

2 · by DavidStar · 13. May 2016 03:24

Oh I got this

Keep the highest (or lowest): if you want to roll multiple times but have only the highest result(s) count, use the modifier "H". If you want only the lowest result(s) counted, use "L".

Drop lowest / keep highest 5 of 6D10: 6D10H

Highest 4 of 6D10: 6D10H4

Lowest 4 of 6D10: 6D10L4

Middle 4 of 6D10: 6D10O

2 · by DavidStar · 13. May 2016 03:25

I've got the list of rolls here and how to use them. It's exciting seeing the things you can do.

1 · by udo · 19. May 2016 10:51

Beyond that, a result-sorting feature would probably be a good addition, it's been requested a few times

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